How often to clean the Savage Mark II 22LR?

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  1. cpl_eyeball

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    I took out my new Savage Mark II 22LR and shot about 50 rounds through it. I would like to know how often to clean the rifle and your procedure for cleaning it. TIA.
  2. c3shooter

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    MOST 22 rimfires get cleaned WAY too much in my opinion. And excessive aggressive cleaning can wear the gun more than shooting it.

    You should have an owner's manual. If not, here it is- PRINT it and keep it.

    In a nutshell- CLEAR the weapon- remove magazine, remove bolt. Place gun with barrel horizontal, ejection port down.

    Wet a bore brush with a few drops of powder solvent (Hoppes #9 or CLP) insert from the breech, push all the way out the muzzle, then back. Repeat about 10 strokes. Let set for a minute while removing the bore brush, and putting the patch holder tip on the rod.

    Use a clean patch the correct size, insert from the breech, push all the way out the muzzle, and remove it. Withdraw rod, fresh patch, repeat until patch is clean. Use a q tip with a couple of drops of solvent, clean the area of the breech, wipe with a clean cloth. Do the same for bolt face.

    Add a couple of drops of oil to a clean patch, wipe bore, and wipe exterior of rifle with a lightly oiled cloth. Replace bolt. DO NOT OVER LUBRICATE.

    I usually clean a rimfire at about 2000 rounds, if accuracy is dropping off, or before prolonged storage.

  3. aandabooks

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    Good advice above. Since you've got a new rifle I would go ahead and clean it now. Then after maybe 1000-2000 rounds. If accuracy drops off or it starts not extracting shell casings, these are signs to clean it.

    Some will depend on ammo. Bulk rounds will require more cleaning that if you're buying CCI or another better ammo.
  4. Centurian22

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    I would easily fall into the "cleans too much" category but I'm trying to get better. It was just how I was raised: clean the gun when you get home from shooting it... Period! I have now discovered the wonderful world of bore snakes and at the very least I would pass one through the gun after each range trip. I shoot a squirt of wd-40 on the snake 'in front' of the brush to help clean / lube and the rest of the snake seems to accomplish the 'dry patch' part of cleaning.
  5. cpl_eyeball

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    Yep, I do have the manual which describes how to clean the rifle, but not how often. I will go ahead and clean the rifle now and then after 1000-2000 rounds.

    I did purchase CCI ammo and was quite happy with it.
  6. primer1

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    I would have cleaned it every few shots for the first 50 or so, but no big deal.