How Often to Clean G19 Gen4?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ejewels, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. ejewels

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    So, I'm wondering how often you should clean / lube your glock. The manual says after each range trip. But what do you guys all do... do you clean / lube after every range trip? Also, I've read it is really important to clean after using corrosive ammo. What is an example of corrosive ammo?
  2. NGIB

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    Life is simple if you clean your gun after you shoot your gun - the brand of the gun doesn't matter. Corrosive ammo is mainly military surplus ammo and applies more to rifles than pistols...

  3. indyfan

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    I keep my 19 in my car during work. I oil it up about once a week just to make sure that the heat in the car isn't drying up the oil. It seems excessive, but its better to be prepared than unprepared. This handgun could be my lifeline one of these days and the last thing I want is a failure.

    I always clean it before and after a range trip as well.

    My friend claims that he can run his Glock without cleaning it for a long time. I'm pretty sure he can, but like I said, it's always better to be prepared.
  4. WoodysKJ

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    Cleaning is a way for you to inspect the firearm. Inspecting eliminates ANY possible surprise in a stressful situation. It should be done after each trip. Just a good habit to get into.

    Being a Glock, do you HAVE to every time, NO. Should you, YES. Again a great habit to get into. Being that i is one of the easiest handguns to strip and clean, Why are you hesitant to do so?

    Another fact is that if this is a carry gun then it would keep your clothes cleaner.

    Also Chics love the smell of Gun Oil as a cologne.
  5. Rampco88

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    Do not attempt this at home.

    I clean mine after every use too.

    Just to throw it out there..A guy at my local gun store cleaned his 23 for the first time after 3K rounds. With no reported malfunctions! I wouldn't advise that but I guess he was trying to prove a point. Plus, it was not his carry gun.
  6. hawkeye

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    I clean mine after every range trip also. I like messing with guns so it is not a chore. Besides, with a glock it takes just a couple of minutes as they break down so easily.
  7. CHLChris

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    I don't understand cleaning it BEFORE the range trip, but after is a great plan.

    Cleaning it gives you a better understanding of its parts and their function. If you go to the range only every now and then (as in, months go by...), you should probably clean it in between, too, just to keep the oil fresh.

    I mean, it's a Glock! It takes, what, 15 seconds to field strip? 5 minutes to clean, and 3 more minutes to oil the slide and rails?
  8. Tinob

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    I clean mine after everytime I go the range
  9. hunter Joe

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    We have Glocks in the rental case at the range and usually clean them when they stop working and needless to say, it ain't very often, normally thousands of rounds.

    The problem is that some people oil the crap of of their Glocks and the oil collects dirt and hinders performance. On the Glocks all you need to do is put a little oil on the tip of you index finger and touch the four metal tabs on the frame where the slide rides and a drop of oil on the connector.

    On my personal Glocks I normally clean and inspect every thousand rounds or so. This is a complete strip and clean.
  10. Neophyte1

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    another view on cleaning;

    a very simple procedure; taking only a few minuets; minimal cost; minimal mess
    a time; to inspect, treat, familurize

    equals less doubt; when! trigger is pulled.
  11. willfully armed

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    The Glock rental guns at my old range had never been cleaned. Estimated 15k+ rounds.

    I choose to clean them every month or so.
  12. Uchahi

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    I like my guns and women the same way clean. I always clean my guns after each use. I oil if I am going to rack the slide more than once.
  13. Infidel

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    I clean my Glocks every ten thousand rounds whether they need it or not.

    J/K I only ever did that once to my steel gun...the one I use to shoot steel matches. I wanted to see how long it could go between cleaning and still run. It went over 11,000 rounds...but every time it cycled, crud flew off the pistol and splattered my glasses and face. I looked like I was on a Texas oil gusher. I mean it seeped crud onto my was ugly.

    I clean after every range session, and put 4 drops of oil on the rails weekly. You CAN shoot a Glock dry...but why? It's like punching Mike COULD...but I don't reccomend it. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Don't over oil it...saturation can attract dust and dirt that can gum up the works. I live in the dry, dusty Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and dust is everywhere. So, I wiper her down and give her four drops of oil and she runs smooth as glass. The Glock tennifer finish is bullet proof, so you don't need to oil the outside of the pistol...I do it when I clean, but only give it a wipe down with a silicone cloth.

    Take care of your kit, and your kit will take care of you.
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  14. WoodysKJ

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    As stated above, you dont need to over oil. When I am going to the range and gonna be running a bunch of rounds through my glocks, or any gun, I will add a drop on each side of the rails.

    When I clean them I lightly oil the action, wipe the outside down and swab the barrel. For my carry gun I keep it fairly dry. Don't want oil stains in my pants or shirts and the oil just hold lint like a magnet. IF the gun gets discharged from the carry position then I very seriously doubt I will be running several hundred rounds through it like at the range.
  15. Punisher56

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    A clean gun is a reliable gun.....why take any chances:confused:
  16. Phelenwolf

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    Not cleaning your weapon is the same as not showering or changing the oil in your car. Yes you can get away with it for a little while but you know better.

    I clean before and after the range or when they have been in storage for a month or more.
    Before I shoot at the range because you never know what is or has gotten in to your barrels. Living here in Az we have a abundance of spider and other crawling insects. Found a spider pouch in my FAL once that is why I run a rod and patch through before I shoot. Afterwards I do a quick wipe down incase I can not clean them when I get home.
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  18. Trooper7687

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    Range prep

    I've always been taught that you need to prep your weapon ( Pistol/Rifle) for firing and to give it a good clean afterwards esp your carry weapons for work, big cause of ftf is a dirty weapon.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Glocks need to be cleaned? :confused:
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    Who knew???