How much would a WWII Mauser be worth?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by wookie810, Aug 19, 2008.

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    I have a world war 2 nazi Mauser 7.9mm. It was left to me when my grandfather died and I assume that he got it during the war. I am not necessarily looking to sell it so I didn't want to list it under the for sale column. I have only shot it a few times and it wouldn't make a very good deer gun. Mostly because it has a metal butt on it and is very uncomfortable to shoot but is otherwise really accurate. I also wonder if the metal butt is for bashing skulls or something because it seems rather out of place if not.
  2. RL357Mag

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    An answer to your question is impossible without pictures and much more info such as what markings does the gun have, what condition is the metal, wood, and bore in, etc. Mitchells Mausers sells excellent grade arsenal refinished WWII K-98 Mausers for $299 - 399. Your's may be worth more even with signs of wear depending on where it was made, proof marks, nazi markings, serial number, etc.

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    Original, matching, Kar 98k rifles bring quite a bit these days. Typically, much more than the Russian Capture and other refurb rifles bring. Like 357mag indicated, posting the markings and some clear pictures will enable folks to give you the information you are asking for.