How much would a WWII Mauser be worth?

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    I have a world war 2 nazi Mauser 7.9mm. It was left to me when my grandfather died and I assume that he got it during the war. I am not necessarily looking to sell it so I didn't want to list it under the for sale column. I have only shot it a few times and it wouldn't make a very good deer gun. Mostly because it has a metal butt on it and is very uncomfortable to shoot but is otherwise really accurate. I also wonder if the metal butt is for bashing skulls or something because it seems rather out of place if not.
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    Well post some pictures of it and list any markings that are on it. Their is very few Mauser's that are high in price. most of them can be bought for 200 bucks and below.

    And the metal butt was put their because it was cheep and easily made. It was not made for comfort:D

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    If a WW2 Mauser is in great shape, and does not have an import mark stamped on it which yours won't if your grandfather brought it back as a souvenir, the collectible value may be in the $350-$400 range. Higher for rare variants.

    But the price will be determined by the year it was made, who made it, is it complete, do all the numbers match, overall condition, etc. Many variables.

    Can you post some good quality pics?
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    There is section on this forum called Curios and Relics. That is really where this thread belongs...

    I don't know about below $200, but you can find several for $250 to $450, depending on condition. It is rare to find one that shoots under $200 these days. The ones over $500 are priced that way for a reason (usually a rare variant as someone else already posted).
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