How much is too much fun?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ghh3rd, May 4, 2008.

  1. ghh3rd

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    I just (less than 1 month ago) purchased a .22 Ruger Mark III. As I have finished each box of Golden Bullets (550 rounds) I've been putting the box tops in a pouch in my gun bag. When I got home after shooting last night, I counted the box tops and found that I had just finished my 9th box! If I continue at that rate (if my wife doesn't leave me first) I would have put over 60,000 rounds through this pistol in one year.

    What kinds of volume have other shooters put through their guns? Have the guns suffered much from such high volumes of ammo?


  2. ScottG

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    I haven't shot anywhere near that much. But, if your wife does leave you it will at least give you more time to shoot! :p Of course you could always take her with you and double your shooting fun....

    Say, doesn't Ruger give away guns if you collect enough box tops? If it's good enough for cereal, why not guns????? :D

  3. chorst294

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    Wow, I've never shot a new gun that much. But it sounds like you're having a great time with your new gun which is the point of buying such a gun in the first place. Just explain to your wife how much more shopping she'll be able to do since you're saving so much money shooting inexpensive .22 ammo! I have an ancient .22 semi-auto that has many thousands of rounds through it and haven't had a problem. Ruger seems to have an excellent reputation for quality .22's.