How Much Do You Spend On X-MAS.......

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by LONGHAIR, Nov 23, 2011.


    LONGHAIR New Member

    How much money do you spend on all of your Family and Friends ???...I know...To Much !!!!!..:eek:.............
  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Hard to say, as I do my shopping throughout the year. Got my lady a nice silver/turquoise necklace when I was on the Navajo Reservation this year, one grandson that likes knives had his present put away in July (gunshow) One has a stash of books. Just picked up a sweet little 22 and a 410 that will make two kids happy. Our 4 adult kids usually get cash and a card for the local grocery, a bottle of wine and a night's babysitting.

    I don't do Black Fridays (but DO plan on being in a deer blind with a .308, seeking to earn Bambi's trust)

  3. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    In our family, we don't spend much at all. Usually no more than $100/person.
  4. aandabooks

    aandabooks New Member

    Depends on the cash situation at Christmas time. I refuse to go into credit card debt to fund a holiday. I have 3 kids and a limited # of immediate family to buy for. Usually $700 for everything will cover it.
  5. fireguy

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    My wife and I only buy stuff for our stockings each year, and get something for the house instead. One year it was a new dishwasher, last year is was new front doors, etc. It does take a pretty good hunk of money to get good stocking stuffers, though. I can get a couple hundred in her stocking easily if I get jewelry, which she really likes. For our boys it is usually a couple hundred unless there is something special one of them wants. We got the youngest a trap drum set a couple years ago that cost a chunk but is worth it for him to practice on. A good bike now costs a few hundred unless you get a Kmart special that won't last very long.
  6. firedawg60

    firedawg60 New Member

    We kind of go hog wild at Christmas. The wife and I usually get what we want (got me a Mossberg 500 sp!! :)) and she's getting more that what I got in the Mossy.

    Other than that we spend the rest on kids and family. So I can't really put a dollar figure on what we do. But I do say I have a pretty thrifty wife and she doesn't really spend like crazy through the rest of the year, that's why we cut loose now.
  7. mrm14

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    I only spend for gifts on nieces and nephews or grand kids. A couple of inexpensive things for them each at best. Adults get nothing. Don't think I've spent over $200.00 for quite a few years on gifts. Do spend another $150.00 or so though for Christmas day dinner and scoobie snacks. Always good eats at my house on Christmas day.
  8. MrWray

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    More than i can normally afford, but ill do whatever it takes to make sure my kids have a great day