How Much Ammo.....?

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  1. OC357

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    How much ammo, what caliber, and how are you carrying it ..... "on your person only" ? Not talking about what's in your vehicle or range bag when you are on your way to a shoot......"on your person only".

    I know this could vary a lot depending if you have an auto or revolver but I am curious so I hope this is not an off the wall question..

    For instance with a .357 revolver I would normally carry 6 in the cylinder, a speed loader, and a wallet pack of 18 rounds for a total of 30 rounds "on my person".

  2. spittinfire

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    Lately I've been carrying my XD45 so I've got 13+1. I haven't been carrying an extra mag on me because I haven't established a good method to do so but I do keep 1 in my truck and one by the bed.
    I've taken the wife's SP101 out a few times to try it. When I do I was carrying 5 in the cylinder and a speed loader.

  3. robocop10mm

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    Most of the time I have 15+1 of .40 with a spare 15 round mag. Casual wear, 16 rds of .40. Uniform-46 rds of 10mm + the above 31 rds of .40 for BU gun.
  4. tiberius10721

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    Most of the time I carry my 1858 remington 44 loaded with a spare cylinder so all togetherr I got 12 shots. This is the most accurate pistol I own so I dont really need much more than 12 shots.
  5. fprefect

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    How many?

    I'm semi-retired from a business that deals in gold and silver bullion coins and even though I live in a community where carjacking and the like are almost unheard of, there are times when I will be carrying a fair amount of either cash or gold before I have a chance to go to the bank and decided several years ago to carry a 357 magnum in the car.

    I only carry 6 rounds in the gun. (125gr Hornady XTP/22gr H110) I guess I figure if that's not enough to defend myself I probably have no business owning a gun.

    I'm probably more concerned about the legality of carrying a semi-concealed ;) loaded gun in the car even though it is legally registered. Officer I was on my way home from the range and just forgot the gun was loaded.:rolleyes:

    F. Prefect
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    When I carry my .45 1911, 8 +1 in the gun and two 8 rnd mags in the mag pouch when I wear the shoulder rig otherwise, 8 +1. When I carry the 24/7 Pro, 15 +1 and no extra magazine.