How many use a Super sniper? What do you think of them?

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    SWFA has been talking about the SS variable for years and nothing yet. I prefer variables over fixed

    I keep coming back to this scope. Might put a 16X on a .22 rimfire for tactical/long range practice or use it on a centerfire once in awhile.

    Most reviews are positive. Great repeatability and tough. The recent ones are supposed to be very clear.

    Someone I know (a Marine armorer) spent two tours in Iraq and never heard of them.

    I haven't seen much on them on this forum doing a search.

    Anyone want to talk about them?
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  2. M14sRock

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    I'll talk about Super Snipers

    They are great scopes for the money.

    Back in the 80's the Navy put out a bid for a scope to replace the Leupold Mark 4's in service.

    Tasco (Japan, NOT China) created a scope to compete. It ended up winning the trials. Word is, the Navy was a bit embarrassed so rather than grant the contract to Tasco, they canceled the trials.

    So Tasco sat on the scopes and did nothing (the scope was derived from their Euro-Class 30mm line which was excellent and well respected worldwide). Tasco eventually went belly up.

    SWFA bought the rights to the Super Sniper, and is having them made in the same plant as the originals, to the original spec.

    I remembered the trials back in the 80's, so when SWFA listed the SS for sale, I picked one up out of nostalgia and curiosity. Well, it is a GREAT scope and very decent glass. Passes the "box test" with flying colors and is very durable. Optics are not as good as NightForce, Zeiss, IOR, or any of the good euro glass, BUT the scope rocks and will only set you back $300-$400. It is easily 90% the optical quality of the uber-expensive scopes, and maybe better than 90% the quality.

    Excellent mechanics, great optics, outstanding price. Looks good, too.

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    The Mil-dot will be useless for a .22 LR.

    Also, I can't find an NSN on these scopes anywhere. Without an NSN, you can't order an item using Fedlog. If you can't order an item using Fedlog, it's a long drawn out process to procure things. In other words, no NSN, no military contract.

    On top of it, I'm a little skeptical on the price. I'd have to check them out in person before buying.