How many "Talkers" ever had to pull their weapon?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by pumpkinball, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. pumpkinball

    pumpkinball New Member

    I have never been in the situation, nor do I want to be, to have to pull my weapon on anyone in the three years I've carried. But, on the other hand there have been a few times that I have been VERY thankful and much more comfortable having it with me or maybe in hand.

    Hve any of you ever had a situation like this?
    Or better yet, Have you ever had to actually use it?

    I'm looking for some good stories here, so let me know your experiences.

    I guess the only time that I've ever felt the possible need to pose the threat of my firearm was actually when all I had was my Hi-Point 9mm. I know what you're thinking, but it was my first adn only handgun for a while. My truck had broken down about 10p.m. on a Sun evening out in the backwoods of N.C. somewhere I am not at all familiar with. It had been raining on and off all weekend and Dad was 3 hours out with my tow dollies. So there sat my wife and I in my truck at an abandoned store where alot of truckers parked to sleep. As we were checking it out when we first pulled in, a nasty looking dude pulled up in an old beater van offering help. Not thinking at the time, I picked the wrong thing to tell him. I told him that we were going to have to get towed so his offer to help was appreciated, but not needed. Well as our company in our other vehicle had to go home, he returned about a half hour later. He parked right next to us ,but I couldn't see him. I didn't know if he was just an okay guy that wanted to park there, (away from everyone else, which was wierd), or if he wanted the tarped furniture in the back of my truck, wanted what was inside my truck, wanted my truck or wanted us. All I knew was that he knew we were alone, stranded and out of town. After about 20 minutes of him sitting there I thought to call police, but then if they didn't get him for anything he would know that we called and might want revenge. So I had my piece out and had chambered a round and safety on.(I just don't feel secure keeping one in the pipe in my el cheapo) Had the extra mag in my lap. The gun was in my hand on my console under a blanket that my wife had to sleep with. We pondered on this for quite some time, before we decided what to do.(Forgot to mention for us to make a phone call we would have to get out and use pay phone due to no cell phone service) So since my truck would crank and run(front wheel bearings were gone) we decided to let him think we drive it. After another couple of minutes our windows cleared up about the time he put his brakes on and put his van in gear. We waited to see what he might do. He never did move so we figured if we left and he followed then we were for sure calling 911. We got on the road and he started rolling. We got under a street light as he crept our way. I stepped out of the vehicle with the phone to my ear as if I was calling someone and the 9 in my hand. I made sure to show my firearm to him. When he did, he made a dead stop in the road and flipped his lights to bright shining right on me. I franticly told my wife to get on the phone NOW! She didn't get the phone to her ear good (my phone back in my pocket at this time and my eyes stuck on his van. ) It just so happened that I had fait on my side that night. Apolice car was coming down the road and headed straight for us. At that time my crazy waife jumped out of the truck running away from the van and toward the cop. The van squalling tires in reverse left. Worried for us the officer stopped and gathered the story and I felt safe enough to reholster my weapon. For the moment the BG got away. The officer told us that we were 8 miles from the closest civilization. Luckily my truck made it. So we drank coffee at the waffle house and took til our ride made it to us to quit shaking. I don't know if they ever found that guy or not, but he never found us.
    Now, while I felt as I posed the threat, I've still yet to sight my weapon on anyone. So, this being said, I can only imagine how it must feel to focus that front sight on another human being, or actually have to use it. I know some of you military or officer persons may not can talk much about it, but I would like some other stories of any instances you may have.
    My wife asked if I would've really used it that night? Hell yeah! I don't carry it for appearance, it's for exactly what I used it for...personal protection.
    She used to always question me and my guns, but after that night, there hasn't been the first question about it. Now she gets it.
    To put it clearly to you, she actually makes sure that everytime we get up out of bed, we're holstered up. ;)

    2nd Admen. at its best for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for writing, hope for your stories soon.
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  2. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    2 times both incidents were individuals trying to rob me. neither had guns they had knives. one tried to steal my car at a gas station. he ran when he saw my .50ae desert eagle. several years early guy tried to rob me while deliverying pizzas. he pulled a knife behind the pizza hut i worked at i puled the DE from the car he ran.

    tehnically i coulda shot both of em but they ran and it wasnt worth someones life.

    had a guy scoping our house with bino's from the dirt road 1/4 mile away (out in the boonies lived in the country at the time in texas) technically i didnt draw on this one. i walked up unseen and tapped the window on the passenger side with the muzzle of the AK47 i had at the time. asked if i could help him case the joint. he left fast. gave a description and plate to the sheriff he was later arrested for a string of burgleries in the county.

    i would bet there are a lot of instances where folks draw down but dont pull the trigger cuz the perp decided to run

  3. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Once is too many times.
  4. jca1

    jca1 New Member

    I wish I had known that was you. I was just trying to spook you a know...backwoods fun. :D
  5. jca1

    jca1 New Member

    The stupid cat set off the motion detector for our house alarm. I hopped out of bed grabbed my P220 and a light and went looking. My wife freaked out a little.

    Yes I did consider shooting the cat.
  6. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    A guy with a knife attempted to get into my car while I was stuck in traffic at a stop light. Looking down the muzzle of a 380 very quickly changed his mind and he ran. He came very close to death.

    A friend of mine drew on 2 hunters that shot his horse out from under him on his own land. He marched them to his house and called the police who did haul them off.
  7. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I don't know what they was but they weren't hunters. Slobs, morons, and poachers but not real hunters.

  8. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    First instance I felt I needed it:
    Helping a woman move out of the apartment she shared with the two most abusive, POS sons you could imagine. One threatened to sic his pit bull on us. I retrieved my pistol from my truck and put it on my hip. The threats stopped.

    2nd time:
    Hiking out of the AZ desert to the highway after getting my truck stuck. Saw a mangy dog earlier before the sun went down. Up ahead I hear a sound in the bushes. Pull my pistol, pop off the safety, and raise it towards the sound. Then the bush moo'd. Thankfully, I did not have to buy some rancher's dead steer.

    3rd time:
    Staying with my parents for a while. Get home and find that the alarm has gone off. I find footprints in the snow in the backyard. My pistol is on the third floor. Get the dog first then take the dog upstairs with me in the most direct route. Get my pistol and go room to room. Nothing there. The cat had pushed the basement door open which set off the alarm. The footprints were from the deputy which had been sent to the house a couple hours earlier to check it out. That one was probably youthful foolishness.
  9. WDB

    WDB New Member

    I pulled on and shot a deer more than a few times... they were just looking at me wrong and they taste pretty good. No more stories than that to share. Go figure why most stories are just that and the rest is seldom spoken. It is a tragic, life changing event to be in that situation not a story. IMHO
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  10. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    Quoted for truth.

    Have I had to? Yes
    Would I again? Yes.
    But it's nothing I want to talk about.
  11. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    2am of a Saturday morning. I'm living in a second floor condo. I'm awoken by yelling, and the sound of someone getting the piss beat out of them under my bedroom window. Colt SA was the closest thing in reach, so boxers,t shirt and Birkenstocks I run out the front door and around the corner to see 5 guys stomping the **** out of a Guy. I announced myself with the gun on the closest Guy.

    Everything stops. Even the crickets for quiet.

    I ended up knowing one of them, and he explained they were drinking beer on their deck when they see this poor bastard sneak up behind a Durango that belonged to one of them, and proceeded to smash the tailgate glass to steal the subs. They jumped the deck to give chase and caught him where we now were.

    Cops came around the corner just then, I went inside to put on shorts and put the revolver away.

    I come back out, kids cuffed and stuffed, while the others are filling out their statements. That dumb bastard had two black eyes, split lips, busted nose. And the cops left the back windows rolled down. So these guys are telling this kid they would be waiting for him to get realeased so they could whip him again.
  12. BigByrd47119

    BigByrd47119 New Member

    This is an admittedly touchy subject in the community. No one can blame anyone for NOT wanting to share their stories.

    With that said, hearing stories of real life fight for survival encounters is an invaluable learning tool for those who have been fortunate enough to not have such encounters. There was a gentlemen whom on another forum detailed greatly the events of the night his wife had to use deadly force. More importantly he detailed the events directly following his wifes encounter. Of all the things he talked about, what stuck with me most was when he discussed issues that arose with neighbors, the fact that they had to live in a motel for some time at first because of clean up efforts and then because of open hostility from those neighbors.

    His story was far from a pleasant one. It was however one I shall not soon forget.

    To those who do post their stories, thank you. And to those who decline I say that some day I hope you feel compelled to tell your story(s) and when you do I hope I am there to learn from it! In the mean time, there is no hurt feelings over such matters of privacy.
  13. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    BigByrd (insert joke about BigByrd shot here) raises a VERY salient point.

    LIVING through a deadly force encounter is good. Remember that you must also live BEYOND the encounter.

    F'rinstance- you are awakened from a peaceful sleep by a PCP crazed predator with an axe hacking his way through your front door, screaming incoherently about zombies and penguins. Despite your demands to stop, leave, drop the axe, he advances, shouting something about chocolate in a heavy Spanish accent (sorry, Eduardo) You unload a round of buckshot at a range of 10 feet, ending the threat and his life. The police arrive, and relate that this was an escapee from the State Hospital for the Criminally Goofy, who had already killed a Nun, a Bishop, and Girl Scout selling cookies. Good shooting, no charges.

    Here's what you may not have thought about- as you bundle family up at 3 am- cause you can't stay THERE for now- and figure out what you will say when you call to explain why you are going to miss work today-

    1. Your wife having nightmares about this for the next 3 years
    2. YOU having nightmares about this for the next 3 years. That was some scary crap there, man.
    3. Having to give a deposition when his family files a civil suit. Suit goes nowhere, but you still have to take time from work, drive downtown, get a parking ticket, and go thru grilling from scumbag lawyer. Oh- sorry, that was YOUR lawyer. Their lawyer is the BIGGER scumbag.
    4. Neighbors kids afraid to play with your kids. Kids at school asking them about this. Your 6 yr old is joining you and wife in bad dream time.
    5. No one shows up to remove bloody drywall from house, or clean the carpet. YOU get to arrange that, and learn about BIOHAZARD and associated fees.
    6. And there are a dozen other things- but consider how you will deal with living BEYOND the event.
  14. Ubergopher

    Ubergopher New Member

    One time I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 2 AM hearing a rustling in my apartment. I shoot up, look around of course everything is dark so I head over to my bed room and grab my XD and announce loudly enough to be heard (it wasn't a big apartment) that I have a gun.

    I then begin to clear the apartment flipping on the lights as I go...

    Oh hey, my back door was open. I fell asleep watchin' TV on the couch with the back door open for some ventilation. I go close the door, and sit back down on the couch to watch a little bit more TV hoping to fall asleep again since I was so wound up. So I turn my TV on and the next noise I hear is SMACK! I jump up and look over by the door and this cat had just ran right into the door.

    Apparently the little bastard snuck in while I was asleep and had the door open and knocked something over.

    It took me another 15 minutes to get the damn animal out.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Since carrying in civilian life, I have never pulled, pointed or had to shoot at another...yet.

    Physical encounters, had a few of those, got kind of messy on occasions, even been threatened with other things as weapons, but never had to draw my firearm.

    So, either it seems most everyone tends to behave when around me, or I am never in the wrong place at the right time...yet.

    I don't go looking for trouble, I don't look like a victim, and I am in constant aware of my surroundings and tend to blend in, so trouble has a hard time finding me that way...except for the wife, dammit, she always finds me! :rolleyes:
  16. freefall

    freefall New Member

    I have never had to draw my pistol against a human. Two or three times have found it damn comforting that I had one when humans were acting erratically. Have drawn it 3 times when confronted by animals (2 moose, one bear) never had to shoot. Though one time I did retreat to the house and get a rifle to use on the moose. Rifles just work better.;)
  17. BIGBEN

    BIGBEN New Member

    I have been in not-ideal situations several times,but pulled once.This was back this summer,i was out walking.Wasnt too far from home,and it started getting dark.I was in a hurry to get home because i had big supper plans.Im jogging back when i notice a few people about in their 20s standing around ahead,glancing at me.I slowed down and they turned and looked at me.I waved,and all of them walked toward me.They were getting faster,so i pulled out both of my 1911s and held them low ready.Their eyes got bigger than bowling balls,and they turned around and ran back to their house.

    It was a nice story to tell at Red Lobster...

    Now if were talking animals,i have mad shot hogs,bears and bobtails when hiking.Bastards didnt like me walking through their territory,especially the bobtail.I saw a kitten,and mama didnt care for me being their.Had no choice.
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  18. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Two 1911's to go jogging? Where do you jog? Baghdad?
  19. TheDaggle

    TheDaggle Member

    And you drew because they were walking toward you? I dunno, seems a little excessive...
  20. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I TOTALLY agree with everything except the 3 year part. It sometimes takes YEARS to fully recover. And you'll never be 100% the same again-it'll change you.

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