How many speedloaders do I need?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Lindenwood, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Lindenwood

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    I am going to start IPSC next weekend for the first time with a revolver. I have 6 speedloaders in three double pouches, and have determined that I have enough room to comfortably fit and reach another double pouch, for 8 loaders total. I know, generally speaking, it is a no-brainer--why not have more ammo on tap and available? But, do you guys think it is something I should worry about?

    As far as numbers go, this gives me a total of 42 rounds, with 6 in the weapon and 36 in the loaders. I'm pretty sure IPSC matches *require* 35 shots, but obviously that doesn't account for misses, dropped loaders, etc. With those risks in mind, it does seem like it would be prudent to have a couple extra speedloaders so I'm not left trying to load loose ammo off my belt or out of a pocket.

    I guess a better question would be, for you guys who shoot IPSC (or any practical shooting) with revolvers, how many loaders do you keep on your belt, and / or how may extras should I keep on my belt compared to what the stage calls for?

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    I have shot some scenarios where over 50 rounds were required (though far and few in between).
    What you have should get you through most. Check the round count of each course of fire.

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    USPSA has a limit of no more than 32 rounds (required) on long field courses for their sanctioned matches.
    That said with my Single Stack 1911, I usually carry 5 8rd mags plus one mag in the gun to start (49rds).
    I'd gotten by just fine with 4 plus one for a over a year (41rds total) and never really needed the extra mag, but the first time you drop a mag or have one fly out of a pouch, you'll wish you had more:p

    I think you should be just fine with the 42 that you have now, especially since with a revolver, you don't as often dump partial clips like us "bottom feeders" do with the semi-auto magazines.:)
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    Okay, thanks guys! I won't worry about it. Maybe next time I place an online order I'll grab another set just to have, but I won't worry too much about it.

    My first competition with my PT92, I used I think 43 rounds. I had only actually brought two mags with my that day as I had no intention of competing (didn't even know it was going on). I just got roped in, heh. I ended up having a kid follow me during my run to reload my first empty mag. He got 5 in before I needed it again, and my slide locked back on my last shot. I think the stage called for 36 hits and I missed 7. However, I am significantly better now than I was then, so hopefully I won't need that 43rd shot :p .