How many rounds ya got through that thing?

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  1. jimbobpissypants

    jimbobpissypants New Member

    Many of us have our favorite guns that we brag about. So, what'cha got with alot of rounds through it. Please give me the model, and round count. Also include if it's ever had to be worked on. Those of you with alot of rounds have to have had some work done, after all these are machines.
  2. Mr. Bluesky

    Mr. Bluesky New Member

    Ruger Mk III, my only gun for the time being, owned since August '09. Upwards of 2,000 rounds through it in that short time, performing flawlessly. =)

  3. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    I have a browning buckmark I bought used. The previous owner hadn't fired it in a while. but it had alot of rounds through it. I have put a couple thousand through it since I bought it earlier this year. It functions flawlessly, is reliable and accurate. It's a 95 camper model.
  4. OC357

    OC357 New Member

    I have a Python that has thousands of rounds put through it. I really couldn't tell you exactly. Real wild guess would be 8,000+ rounds. It is a fine smooth shooter and has never been repaired. I have been shooting it for many years.

    I have a High Standard Defender with thousands and thousands of rounds through it with no problems.

    I have others but those two are used all the time.


  5. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    In the past few years i have had it i have shot around 2200 rounds through my Colt 1991 Commander, 2 stovepipes my first 2 mags and after that the malfunctions went extinct... Ill own this gun till the day i die...
  6. TGReaper

    TGReaper New Member

    Colt "Python" purchased new in 1967 still in service total rounds 50k + total repair one firing pin. 90 % 38 spl. 10 % full house .357
    Regards: TGR
  7. ssmith3351

    ssmith3351 New Member

    Glock 22 RTF about four months old...about 1100 rounds through it, no issues whatsoever.

    Glock 27, about 2 months old...about 300 rounds, no issues either.

  8. mrm14

    mrm14 Active Member

    New in 1992 Springfield M1A has just over 32,000 rounds through it with no problems. Groups have opend up a bit form when it was new as the barrel is somewhat "shot out". (air finished barrel not chrome lined) This one will be getting a new Krieger barrel sometime this year.
  9. m72law

    m72law New Member

    1973 S&W mod 10-6 .38 spl. 25k+ rounds 95% reloads LSWC 4''barrel still looks new...still in time,locks up tight but showing some endplay in cyl. will have to be shimed soon...:/ super great shooter...will out shoot my 6'' colt MkIII trooper it has less than 50rds through it!
  10. therealtom88

    therealtom88 New Member

    Believe it or not ..... i got a S&W sigma chambered in 40S&W and i have shot prolly 4000 rounds thru it and never a stovepipe,jam or any other malfunction. Its not the most accurate in the world but fun and reliable
  11. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    Taurus PT92AFS. Bought it new in 99 for my 21st bday.

    Just over 18000 rounds in ten years. From the lightest of reloads, factory plinker, factory defensive, to some reloads that had to be way over max.

    Only trouble I ever had was due to improper grip in the first 300 rounds.

    No repairs to date. Original mainspring, original magazine springs. And has had a loaded mag in it everyday since new.

    Right now it rests on a 3" screw, hanging above the door inside my hall linen closet. Just waiting to be used.

    (Taurus trash talkers are a joke)

    I also have a .22 Colt New Frontier that my dad purchased new in '76. I know It would be an underestimate, but it would be safe to say it has eaten at least 30,000 rounds.

    One broken firing pin, one broken grip frame. And grips were replaced due to a fire.
  12. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Well, have a pre war Marlin 39 that belonged to Dad, and a Ruger Mk I that I bought in 1970. I also shoot a number of Mossberg 22 rifles from the 40s-50s. No significant work on any of them. The Marlin and the Ruger are probably somewhere between 3 and 4K in ammo. Not rounds- POUNDS. Of 22 LR. Several of the Mossys have probably put close to a ton of rimfire ammo out there. The Moisin-Nagant 91/30 has a date of 1927, and the #1Mk3 SMLE is dated 1915- I don't even want to THINK about those! The other end of the spectrum- I have a Remington 1100 Light Field in .410 that I inherited from my Dad in 1995. He had shot it 3 times. I have shot it 4 times, plus one round of sporting clays. Most good guns will outlast us by a good margin.
  13. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I have shot untold thousands of rounds from all my 22's. My PT1911 is headed to around 10,000 rounds give or take a few hundred. My old Springer has at least 2-3 times as many as the PT1911.
  14. BIGBEN

    BIGBEN New Member

    I dont keep a detailed watch on rounds,but i would guess about 1500 through each Springfield 1911TRP.For the Benellis,about 500 through the shotgun and 400 in the rifle.
  15. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    Probably 2000 rounds thru my Springfield XDm 40 since I picked it up a year or so ago. No issues and it shoots far better than me. I've probably put more through it than the S&W 411 it replaced which I had for 15 years.
  16. kyleytxrialover

    kyleytxrialover New Member

    the rocks the fs 5k in it the 4 over 3k the colt over 2500 then there is the tommy only 1k had to send it back. For a broken extractor but with a doubt
    when i get it back i am going to drive it like i stole it:D
  17. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    The most rounds I put through a gun was my first generation Kimber Gold Match. I owned it for 3+ years and had probably 8K to 10K rounds fired. Other than replacing the recoil spring - nothing else was necessary...
  18. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    I can't comment on the guns that are older then me which is several of them but my XD45, which was my first pistol, easily has 5,000+ rounds thru it without a single issue. My Kimber is probably pushing 2,500 now and I've had it a little over a year.
  19. 30-30remchester

    30-30remchester New Member

    It isnt unheard of for a trap shooter to have in excess of 500,000 rounds fired in their carrer. One older man here has actually kept track of his shooting and closed in on 750,000 rounds before he had to quit because of age and poor eyesight.
  20. pumpkinball

    pumpkinball New Member

    F.I.E. model 22
    Don't know alot about this one, I have looked for info on it for years.
    Mydad bought it about 8yrs ago. It was extremely used then.
    He put a few bricks through it. It has never had any kind of problems.
    I got it from him and have since taken it to the range nearly every time I've went.
    I have around 20000 out of my hand. Not sure about the entire life of the weapon, but the only issue I'm having is the extactor clip on the side of the action is not grabbing and pulling out the spent cartridge as it should. Oh and I just found a magazine that I was able to make work for it. The old mag spring was totally worn out.
    I think I'll make a thread about this gun. I have found the revolvers, 380s, and 25s, but no info what so ever on this 22. Kind of the reason I HAD TO HAVE IT!
    Note: CCI Stingers perform wonderfully!
    So I would guess that over all this firearm has had closer to 50000, maybe more maybe less.