How many rounds do you have laying around?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Rifling82, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Rifling82

    Rifling82 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Including .22 I probably have 3k
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  2. PaBushMan

    PaBushMan Well-Known Member

    A few thousand here too.
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  3. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    Couple of thousand or so
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  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Do y'all remember when they made sturdy 4 drawer filing cabinets? The ones with roller bearings for the drawers? Did you know you can pick up used filing cabinets for about $20 if you shop carefully? THAT is my ammo storage.

    I'm up to 6 filing cabinets so far. That is not counting the bulk 8mm Mauser and 7.62x54R ammo (Hey! I caught a REALLY good sale- OK?). You know you are a gun nut if you get a call from the local gun shop- their delivery got held up, and they want to borrow a case of 9mm.

    I DO need to get some more .410 ammo- just added a Mossberg 510 mini today for my youngest grandson.
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  5. Rifling82

    Rifling82 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I thought of you when I posted this, I thought "I bet C3 has tons of ammo on hand"
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  6. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    I almost tripped over a 38 super round. So probably 4 or 5 rounds? :)
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  7. Danoobie

    Danoobie Well-Known Member

    7, no,no, wait, I know this, yeah, 9 rounds! :D
  8. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

  9. youngridge

    youngridge Well-Known Member

    A couple thousand with no real inventory notes. Should start. I am very notorious for buying a few boxes of .223, 7.62x39 and 54r when I go to the local farm supply, not a smoking deal ever, but not overly priced. Anytime the LGS has any ammo deals I usually grab them. I have to get better on stocking up on self defense rounds....and shot gun shells. .22 and air gun pellets usually follow me home from the store too.

    I really like that filing cabinet idea. Do you put anything in with the ammo for storage c3? Silica packets or something of that sort? Just curious.
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  10. Rifling82

    Rifling82 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I've been using silica gel packets for years, usually get them on Amazon.
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  11. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Nothing special. Key for log term ammo storage- cool and dry. House stays at about 45% humidity, rarely over 70. I DO use some GI ammo cans, which have a rubber seal. Have some milsurp still in the sealed metal cans.

    When I said I caught a good sale, I meant less than 5 cents a round for rifle ammo. If I live longer than age 99, I may need to get some more. But I am down to about 1000 rounds of the good Greek milsurp 303 Brit. THAT will be hard to replace. Oddball stuff like 6.5 Jap, 7.5 Swiss, .32 S&W Long, may have less than 1000 of each. Mainstream ammo like 5.56, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39, 30-06, 8mm Mauser- well, the grandkids have all decided if there is a zombie apocalypse, they are all coming to Gramp's place.
  12. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    Probably more than I will ever shoot !.............
  13. yazul42

    yazul42 Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Plenty of rounds, just not time to shoot 'em up. Around 7 to 8 k of .22lr, gave several thousand rounds away to some of the organizations that teach kids shooting in our area when the 22 ammo crunch was on, my LGS was taking donations for discounts to keep them shooting, they were unable to get 22's at that time, a few thousand 9mm, 41 mag, 7mm mag and 300 mag a thousand or so combined, crap I hope the house doesn't catch fire, the neighbors won't be pleased, most are in cans and cases, about 300 rounds of 500 WE, and that is plenty, my reloads are pleasant to shoot, factory rounds are a might starchy though. Compared to many of my friends, I am short on rounds.
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  14. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    Twice in my life there were times when ammo became scarce, and therefore damned expensive. I was going to a two day training and caught hell trying to find 500 rounds of .45 ACP, so now days I keep enough on-hand to get through panics.

    I did not run short during the last "OMG, Obama is going to shut down ammo production," ammo crunch.

    I was lucky and bought some cases of 7.62 x 54R when they were under a hundred dollars. (I shoot a lot of Russian and Finnish rifles) I keep a stash of 9mm and .45 ACP on hand, because that is what I shoot the most of and I don't like to have to go to the store if I get the itch to shoot. I still have .22 lr from before the panic as I tended to buy the 500/550 boxes when they went on sale. (some of you may not be old enough to remember ammo SALES.)

    I missed the boat on surplus 8mm as I did not start collecting Mausers until just a few years ago. Maybe my neighbor C3 will front me a case or two. I usually shop on-line for ammo and buy ten or twenty boxes at the time, depending on my current finances.

    As far as an actual count; I don't have a clue, but I do have some ammo that I will not live to shoot. I could go a year withoug buying a 9mm or .45 and not have to reduce my shooting; and I usually shoot two or three times a month. Since I really don't have any plans to go to war with anyone, that is probably enough.

    I will add one other thing; you would have to live an awfully long time for your properly stored ammo to "go bad." I still have some WWII .45 ACP that was not properly stored, and it still works.
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  15. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Well-Known Member

    More than I'm willing to admit !
  16. Rifling82

    Rifling82 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I got a tip from an older gentleman, he said to open the old military ammo cans once in a while. He had one he hadn't opened in quite a while... Took a pry bar and a 2ib sledge to get it open
  17. joed49

    joed49 Member

    The only time you can ever have to much ammo is when your house is on fire.
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  18. BK3220

    BK3220 Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    A thousand or so for each of the SASS guns. A couple thousand 22's. I do have about 5000 rounds of 16 ga, to feed a stoeger ss for SASS, a Sweet Sixteen browning and now my dad's 11/48. At $2/ box for win 1oz #8 I bought all they had! Center fire rifles, about 100- 200 each.
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  19. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    Not sure how many rounds, but I keep mine separated in the basement room which is cool and dry.
    A ammo 3.jpg
  20. gwpercle

    gwpercle Active Member

    Does the guy with the biggest ammo stash get a prize or a visit from the State Fire Marshal ?
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