How many magazines?

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    THe Early 1980s infantryman"s loadout, given LBE and weapon, allowing for two ammo pouches, was seven 30 round magazines, 3 in each pouch and one in the weapon.

    I don't have anything in .223.

    IIRC, the loadout for an officer's M1911a1 back then was one in the weapon, and two in a single ammo pouch on his hip behind the weapon holster.

    I don't have anything in .45ACP.

    I DO have the mild delight of having denied chain and his cohorts more information of what I own for their snitch files.
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    ^^^^^^^Good idea! If I were ever to have any inkling that I'd ever get involved with a gun fight that could possibly last for more than three magazines full, I'd stay the hell outta there.
    If I knew I was trapped, then an eight round pump 12 gauge, or a large capacity magazine, or three, in a semi-automatic rifle would work until I hear the organ music playing. :)
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    Jeez, and all these years I've just been using my damn thumb to speed load mags :D
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    You must have impressive calluses. ;)
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    There’s always a roll of surgical tape in my shooting bags :cool:
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    Excellent tip. I'm always missing something. :p
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  7. Green Lantern

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    At least 50 rounds for each. Magazine size varies. I think in "rounds ready". Is that wrong to think?
  8. Trunk Monkey

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    I don't know if it's wrong to think because I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to communicate.

    I'm thinking more in terms of logistics and that's really the intent of this thread.

    It's not so much how many magazines you carry, its how many you keep on hand.

    I have a system, every year on January 1st I change out the carry magazines for both of my carry guns and both of my wife's and the self-defense ammunition.

    The magazines that I'm taking out of service go into a baggie and I put them in the back of my safe.

    I try to keep enough OEM magazines on hand so that this year on January 1st the magazines that I take out of service won't be back in service until 2025 (unless Jesus returns)

    For range practice and classes I have probably 15 or 20 Magpul Glock magazines.

    They cost about half the price of OEM magazines. They're warrantied forever and they work. Those are the magazines that take the beating and get the wear
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  9. RJF22553

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    Generally speaking, six mags (loaded) at a minimum; not counting the one already inserted. Some have more, but six is the minimum. Not sure why I centered on the number, but figure that if six mags - of whatever number - can't do the job, then I've over-extended things a bit, be it fun shooting at the range or SHTF.

    but at a minimum, six is the answer. For some, I have more. and, of course, some mags work across multiple firearms - which is great! That is where I have the most mags...

    Yup, keep them loaded to max design, all the time. Never know when the opportunity presents itself for a 200-300 round outing on a whim...
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  10. W.T. Sherman

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    not the way I recall that, .45 was on the right, the double .45 mag pouch went on the left on the belt close to the where the pistol belt "buckle". but depending on your division/corps SOP yours might have the ammo pouch behind the .45
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  11. James Bond

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    For my new 43X I have 10 magazines. When I’m at the range I’d like to shoot and not spend time loading my magazines over and over.
  12. mrm14

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    In my state, Ca., I have all my magazines grandfathered in, however, that may change soon. They don't have serial numbers on them, so they don't know. I'm a member of a private range, but, I only take 10 round magazines there out of respect.
  13. sheriffjohn

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    Because I acquire some old timey stuff, I try to buy at least two spare magazines for every magazine fed gun (pistol, rifle, or shotgun) and many more if the gun is common. I had to pay a large dollar amount for a spare for a Mannlicher Steyr rotary mag which cured me of failing to buy spares when the firearm is in production. Now's a good time to buy high-cap magazines while we still are able. Obsolete magazines get pricey.
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