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How many 22lr are manufacture a year in the US

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I found that someone stated that modern production was Two Billion per year (2,000,000,000). The NRA claims 4.25 million member (4,250,000). Two billion dived by 4.25 million is 470 rounds per NRA member. ----— WHAT YOU SAY.:eek:
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I can say that I go trough. 500 at the range in an hour or two. For target plinking you can burn through many many rounds. I am easily at 2500+ year and I don't shoot that often. I know folks that use that a month.
I just found that CCI is capable of four million per day see [ame][/ame] and [ame][/ame]
So I would say two billion is not close. I could not believe that 470 rounds per NRA member was close. I use ten times that per year.
Not all NRA members shoot 22 LR

Not everyone that buys 22 LR is an NRA member.
Really enjoyed those two videos, thanks for sharing. Wanted to cry seeing that pallet of CCI, I'm down to 300 rounds of my beloved CCI, life can be cruel
I have about a 1,000 rounds of 22LR on hand. Plus, about 800 rounds of 45ACP FMJ, and about 600 rounds of 9mm FMJ. Also several hundred rounds of other misc pistol and rifle calibers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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