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    How can the Supreme Court rule that to keep and bear arms is an individual right under the 2A. BUT: This does not apply to State rights. When did States rights override the freaking Constitution of America. I know I am not as well educated as many. But as a old Dirt Farming Fool, at least the old man beat something called common sense into my head. You serve when called. You say yes sir, and no sir, to your elders. Ladies first, hold the door for old timers, and women. You cannot hear if your stupid mouth is open. A few hundred more. I don't get it now days, and I probably won't. I probably put this in the wrong forum MODS. If so move it or delete.
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    I've been asking that same question for some time now. Our governement is bass ackwards in its current state. It should go like this, people control local, local controls state, state controls federal. Federal only has the ability to follow the constitution, not add or take away. problem solved.

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    I think that about the only thing that you can really do is teach the younger generations right from wrong. It is not going to be easy, but my son will learn to do certain things like take his hat off when indoors, be respectful to his elders, and to think for himself. I am certain that public school will try and corrupt these ideals, that is why we are looking at homeschooling so much.