How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by gorknoids, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I had the distinct pleasure to make confetti with Canebrake while I was in Florida recently at a range which lived up to every descriptor he used: Dirty, smoky, cheap, and very user-friendly. Both of us tried to get pics to commemorate the outing, and I failed just slightly less than he did. To answer the question everyone is asking, yes, he did bring the Defender.
    She shoots as good as she looks, owing to (from my perspective) well thought-out surface work in the grip areas which never ate a rat and some really nice sights. Elsie showed up (I love small framed guns) and once I figured out the sights, decided that if I ever start running again I'll carry one in my sock. Lots of punch in a small, light package.
    On to the next pic. Maybe I should refer to it as the only other one that doesn't look like Salvador Dali took it. Ladies and gentlemen, the back of Cane's head.
    I can't quote models very well because I'm not a gun guy, I'm just a guy who carries and shoots whenever he can. That's the .44 Mag that he brought, along with a sweet project Fenrir .460, and that Browning 9mm frigging sweetheart that I am meant to own some day. And I brought my Tupperwear.
    Where I live there is no range which permits rapid fire, double-taps and other such fun, but Revere Gun Range does, and I have to say that at times we abused the privelege. The shooting was a hoot, and Cane's interweb persona doesn't do him justice.
    Next time, we'll get the camera issue straight!
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    Nice pics but I hope your shooting hand is a bit more steady than the picture taking one or you're just wasting ammo. :D

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    Must have been the percussion from the big .460 that caused the focus issues?
  4. gorknoids

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    That camera isn't worth a damn in low light, but I did have spasms shooting the .460. It's not good form to tell somebody that you've got the sh*ts and you're nauseous when you're shooting! It passed quickly and the rest of the session was fine. And dry.
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    Now that's funny!!!!!!
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    Guess that's when the shart came. Did Cane notice it?
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    I sharted those cammie pants about 6 years ago. Hell, the title of the thread is "Random Thoughts".
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    Oops...wrong thread...sorry! I'll go back to the "sharts" thread.
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    What a pleasure it was to do a near safe-dump and trek to that dive (in bar talk) of a range called Revere to shoot with gorknoids. Just like that dive of a bar that serves those greasy cheeseburgers that taste so good, Revere serves up some tasty shooting fun.

    I first must do a Tiger mea culpa and say I shot an XD for the first time and........wait for it.........yes, I liked the gun. It fit well in my paws and shot like a dream. It has a grip safety and excellent balance from full mag to slide lock-back. Kudos to Gregg for this opportunity to shoot the Springer and a surprise to me, the [​IMG] FTF basher!

    I can honestly say, should I venture back into the poly gun market, the XD would be my first look! (Who said, yea when hell freezes over?)

    But in my defense I did bring my poly Elsie Arr for him to tryout. We shot up some .38 special wadcutters, hand rolled by BILLYBOB44 and a box of PP target loads. I think we have another LCR fan. What's not to like about a 13.4 oz Ruger deep carry piece?


    Canebrake was removed from the Bore-Store and yes, this "Show Gun" proved to be a real shooter and showed-off my personal ergonomic touches to my custom mouse gun. Unfortunately the Timber Rattler grips are still new and didn't provide the purchase they will when worn-in.


    Well guys, FENRIR lives! I now have a FTF member that has ran her and I'll let Gregg tell you what he thinks. I can say with certainty that the compensator on this 5.5" CCG barrel tames the recoil. It doesn't however, do anything for the noise.


    We both had the pleasure shooting my near-new 1980 S&W model 29-2. This was the first time I had a chance to shoot this new addition to my arsenal and had forgot how nice a quality 44 magnum feels!


    And last but not least, I think Gregg's biggest surprise and what most impressed him was my 1989 Browning High Power. This pistol is a pleasure to shoot and the one I have found to master the Mozambique drill! I know it's a 9mm but it has JMB genes all over it and shooting it is like a walk through history! Do yourself a favor and shoot a BHP the first chance you get.

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    Now that sounds like it was a great day! :cool: