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    How hot do you guys run your guns. I was watching shooting USA and those guys go through a lot of amo.
    I shoot my new AR about five to ten rounds and let the gun cool right off. I will go shoot my 22 or handgun and then come back to the riffel.
    I would gess that these guys go through barrels preaty fast. What would be the life of a barrel when you are rapid shooting like that 30- 60 rounds rapid fire

    What would be the life of a barrel when letting it cool off after every five rounds?

    Just curious.
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    Thanks, I'm preaty OCD about keaping my guns cleaned. After every range trip I clean them. But on those shows the Guys shoot them dropping mags out and slam a new one in and those look to be 30 round Mags. I figure thier sponcers(sp) keep them stocked in barrels.
    For lubing the BCG I have read that people are using Moter oil. Is this only for warm weather and in the winter they switch to something a little thiner in colder climates?
    Thanks F.K.

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    I have had M-16 barrels so hot they were glowing orange. They never lost much in accuracy afterwards.

    I have pumped 60 rounds through mine as fast as I could jerk the bang switch.

    The nice thing about an AR is that you don't have a piece of wood covering 1/2 the barrel keeping the heat in.

    For lube I use grease on the high friction points and oil for the lower friction point. That oil is 0w30 Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil.