How hard was it to get your CWL?

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    I ask this because i have seen in some threads people say it was a pain in the neck. And i want to see how different it is from here. So what state are you in and how hard was it to get it? And how long did it take to get the actual license?

    For me i had to go to a concealed weapons course load a gun fire 50 rounds at a target fill out the target fill out the application go to the jailhouse and get the fingerprint card filled out get a passport photo put all that in the envelope along with a money order and mail it all in. the fingerprints were 35 dollars i think, the class was 35 and the license was 70 or so. and about 3-4 months later my license came in the mail. i live in Florida.

    How about you guys? easier or harder?
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    Mine was much easier.
    I went to my county probate office, filled out the paperwork, then they sent me across the street to the sheriffs office to get finger printed.
    I then went back to the probate office, paid about $40, and after about a month or so, my card came in the mail.
    I live in Georgia.
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    I have taken the classes and paid all the fees. It may take up to 120 days to receive my chl, but it is not hard.
  4. c3shooter

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    Virginia, in a nice quiet podunk little rural county. Went to the Clerk's office (Circuit Court) filled out the one page form (same questions as when buying a gun) Cleark asked if I had ever had weapons training. They made a Xerox of my retired military ID, and my driver's license, wrote them a check for $30. 4 days later, letter from Clerk- I needed to come pick up my license and sign it at the Clerk's Office. No prints (optional at Judge's call here) no photo (your CHL must be presented together with a photo ID).

    And for those in states that take 4 months, or make you jump thru 25 hoops- real estate is still reasonable in many areas here, taxes are not bad, and I have friends in the real estate business. C'mon down. :p
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    In Argentina, it's a royal pain in the a$$ to get a carry license.

    After taking a physical fitness test with a doctor and being cleared by a psicologist (a psichiatrist can run both tests), you need to take a handgun proficiency test, get a certificate of good behaviour from the police and prove that you're up to date on your taxes. This is the easy part, since passing all the tests is within your control, as long as you don't tell the doc that you plan on shooting your family and you don't do anything stupid at the range, you're good to go.

    After all the above is dealt with, you need to file a license request with the justice department, explaining why you need to carry a gun. A board of anti-gun SOBs will evaluate your request and decide whether you should get a permit or not. They are NOT required to justify their deicision, they can just refuse your permit and there's nothing you can do about it.

    All the tests and paperwork (which you've got to pay for even if your request is denied) cost over $200, which is a decent chunk of cash down here (it's a month's worth of groceries!).

    Oh, and if you do get the permit, it's only good for a year after which you've got to go through the whole process again. Usually the license is only good for one specific weapon, you can get multiple licenses to carry different weapons or a permit that allows you to carry anything you want, but it costs even more.

    I'm ashamed to say that I only got my permit because my dad is a judge and he pulled some strings. I passed all the tests with flying colours (they are rather basic), my police record is pristine and I pay my taxes religiously, but still I was refused my license three times (that's over $600 wasted, by the way). Even though I'd been robbed at gun point half a dozen times this year and had been held hostage twice, the government still thought that the police could look after me. The precinct is half a block away from my store where this happened, and I'm pretty sure I was robbed by policemen at least twice, at least the cars they were driving looked an awful lot like squad cars...

    Anyway, I envy you guys! Even the ones that have to wait 4 months to get your permits! At least you know that if you comply with certain rules, it's your right to get a permit. Down here we're screwed, the lady in charge of the final ruling on who deserves to get a license belongs to one of the biggest anti-gun lobby groups in the country, her son was shot by a criminal and now she thinks that my legaly owned gun is somehow to blame.
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    I got mine in Texas about four years ago. At that time, it was a 10-hour course, including firing 50 rounds on the range. It ran about $300. Now, I see you can get your CHL in Texas for less than $100 and WAY less than 10 hours.
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    Pretty much the same story as C3Shooters. I did submit a copy of my old Ma Deuce qual, as it was the only small-arms paperwork that I had left in my training jacket.
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    I did mine in Tennessee at the same time I got my armed guard license. We call them Handgun Carry Permits (HCP).

    $30 extra for the 3 day class (armed guard training is more extensive than the HCP and my trainer doesn't believe in state minimums), 50 rounds at a target. Trip to the DMV to submit certificate, pay $110, and get picture taken. Trip to get fingerprinted (included in HCP cost). Wait at the mailbox for 87 days (state law requires you to be denied in 10 days or be issued in 90 days). HCP good for 4 years.

    My understanding is that Tennessee is now issuing in 30 days or less in most cases, currently.
  9. dunerunner

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    An all day class with a multiple choice test and demonstration of proficiency with the weapon. Then a trip to the sheriff's office, a check for $50, finger prints and a photo and two weeks later a permit in the mail.
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    I paid $120 for the 10 hour class. That included range time(50 rounds), fingerprints, passport photo, notarized affidavits, and instruction.

    The state gets $140, but I paid $70 as a veteran. I waited 3 months after my class to get my CHL, which is good for 4 years after my next birthday. After that renewals are good for 5 years and I think the renewal fee is 1/2 of the initial state fee.
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    for me it was an 8 hour course 50 rounds per gun at the range max three guns on a permit. fingerprints and a face to face meeting with the sheriff and six week wait for clearence from f.b.i. and d.o.j. then i picked it up at the sheriffs office. about three hundred with the cost of bullets. im in northern california,and from what i undrestand theres a lot of countys that wont issue permits at all or its next to impossible to get one.
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    In Georgia its called the GA Firearms License (GFL) and there is no training requirement. Go down to the county probate court, get fingerprinted, pay $43, and wait up to 60 days to receive.

    Interesting that here in GA you need a GFL to carry open or concealed. The NICS check is waived with a GFL so buying a handgun is very quick & painless...
  13. Gatekeeper

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    PA License to Carry Firearms.
    Fill out application, drop off at sherrifs office with fee (approx $25)
    They do backround check.
    Usually within 2-3 weeks pick up your license. Take photo with you if you want it on your card, it's valid without though.
    You're good for 5 years.
    Renewel, pay fee &get new card.
    PA is a "Shall Issue" state
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    Does anyone know what the process is in Florida is to get the carry license?
  15. Fast Ed

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    I live in Wisconsin. We don't have concealed carry. I have my Florida CCL and have just sent the paperwork for my Utah CCL. Florida's are done through their Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Go here for details.

    Concealed Weapons or Firearm Program - Division of Licensing, FDACS

    You need to prove proficiency, my NRA "Expert" rating did that, get fingerprinted, fill out a form and send it with the money. That's it.

    Utah required a class and range test, which I did here in Wisconsin with a Utah approved instructor. Fingerprint form, test results from class, and send it in with the fee.

    With these two permits, I can carry almost anywhere that out of state permits are recognized. I can't carry concealed in my own state, but I can in about 30 or 35 others.

    Fast Ed
  16. brolin_1911a1

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    0 has complete instructions. Basically submit $117, a set of fingerprints taken by your local PD, and proof of "firearms safety training" that can be as little as a hunter safety card or scorecard from an organized formal shooting match.

    I'm from Missouri and getting my CCW involved taking a mandated 8 hour class involving legal use of deadly force, firearms safety and marksmanship, and firing seventy rounds including a 20rd qualification target. The qualification target is a B27 and the student must hit 15 out of 20 shots at 7yds. Once the class is completed, one goes to the sheriff, pays $100, is fingerprinted, and back ground checked. It took me one week for the sheriff to issue following date of application. It can take as long as 45 days maximum. Once issued, one takes the certificate issued by the sheriff to the local DoR office (Driver's license) and either has the endorsement added to one's DL or (if requested) gets a non-driver ID with the CCW endorsement.
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    In Mississippi you pay 30.00 for fingerprints and 100.00 for initial license and wait 120 days when I did it but now I hear it is 60 days now :D:D:D:D
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    Here in SD:
    - 10 minutes at the Sheriff's dept
    - background check
    - paid $10
    - left with temporary permit in hand
    - official card from the state came in the mail a couple weeks later, good for 4 years

    Pretty painless :D
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    In Alabama it takes $20 and 15 minutes.