How effin' cool is this?

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    Guns & Gasoline Special Event: Arizona May 24-27!
    Horsepower & High Round Counts are the order for this unique 4 day course being offered in Scottsdale, Arizona in May.

    Note: Rob Pincus is a FTF member!

    2 days driving instruction at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving! DAY 1 and 2


• Autocross
• Throttle Steer
• Accident Avoidance
• Handling Oval
• Proper Line Technique (Entry, Apex & Exit)
• Skid Control (Under steer & Over steer)
• Ground School: 1/2 Hour (Morning & Afternoon)
• Lead & Follow Track Driving
• Reverse 180’s
• Vehicles: Cadillac CTS-V, Corvette, and Tahoe

Bondurant Racing School of High Performance Driving

2 days combat focus shooting instruction with Rob Pincus at SGC Scottsdale- DAY 3 and 4


I.C.E.'s Combat Focus Shooting™ is an intuitive shooting program that is based on the study of empirical evidence from real world violent encounters and builds on the body's natural reaction to an attack. At the ranges that gun fights typically occur, Combat Focus is the most effective way to engage your threat with a handgun. This two day course empowers students by encouraging them to embrace their bodies natural reaction to a lethal threat and work with it to neutralize that threat as efficiently as possible.

I.C.E. Training | Home

    Cost: $3500 (Does not include cost of ammunition or insurance)
    Contact Anna Hackett at SGC Scottsdale to sign up: 480-398-3402 -or- [B][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][/B]


    Rob Pincus and Mike McGovern will be this event’s lead instructors.
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    That is COOL!

    I didnt know Rob Pincus was a member, I watch him on TV every Wednesday night!