How do you tell a knock off is a knock off?

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by CaseyChadwell, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. CaseyChadwell

    CaseyChadwell New Member

    I have had an oppertunity to buy a ACOG 4X scope. The problem is that the price is too good to be true at 400. I know that there are some knock offs out there and was wondering if there was a way I could find out if the scope that says ACOG is actually a ACOG. This scope has all the marking and all the registered signs. It has absolutely all the markings of a Trigicon ACOG, but the price is setting me off a little bit.

    Any help would be helpful
  2. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey New Member Supporter

    First off who are you buying from? A reputable dealer selling a ding and dent sample or an unknown party online? We need pics. I have owned a few ACOGs and can quickly spot poor and moderate quality fakes. If it is real for that price I would be worried about two things since the price is so low.

    1.) Stolen U.S Government property.

    2.) The tritinium could be dead meaning you would have no night time illumination. Sending it back to Trijicon to have the tritinium replaced runs about $200.

  3. JonM

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    lots of popular items have that problem writing the serial number down and contacting the manufacturer can usually tell you if it is real or fake. check their website or email them for a list of things to look for on the item to make sure it is genuine. however the best advice i can give if you have a doubt dont buy it.
  4. NGIB

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    I didn't pay much more than that for my ACOG, bought it from a broke soldier...
  5. OlPainless

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    Well if it does in fact say "Trigicon" on it i would be willing to bet it's a fake, kind of like a "Folex" watch.

    If that was just a typo though, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. CaseyChadwell

    CaseyChadwell New Member

    Sorry...Typo. It's a friend of a friend, of a friend... I don't want to get burned. I wouldn't mind having a knock off, but don't want to pay that much for one.

    I'll post pix when I have time. I am in the middle of a in depth article in a gun magazine right now.
  7. matt g

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    I have a really nice Roley watch that I bough off of an urban gentleman in the Walmart parking lot.

    To the OP, usually the manufacture's website will have info on counterfeit products posted.
  8. Persuasive

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    I usually can spot a knockoff by the seals in between each component. Many of the knocks have odd substances in the threads of the parts.