How do you define "Tactical". ?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, Feb 3, 2020.

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    and like any product that has the word "tactical", add a bunch more bucks to it because of it.

    30-35 dollars for 9 Oz


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    I saw a review of that stuff on YouTube. It was wrápped in wax paper in the can and dripping grease but the guy said it tasted good
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    "Tactical" is today's equivalent of "Turbo" a few decades ago.
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    put a prairie dog "bull or heavy" barrel rifle
    next to a
    tactical rifle (I call it TACK Tickle) of the same caliber brand and the PD rifle is about 20% cheaper.
    Imagine that?
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    We all know a bloke like this.........................all the tactical gear and no idea and just a threat to I don't know who but.............................. meal team 6.jpg
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    threat to unsecure pies, cakes, candy bars and anything around that be consumed [​IMG]
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    This thread turned out more entertaining than I imagined ! LOL it's pretty hard to ruin bacon but I thinks he's on to something ? I'll still grab my Glock though .
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    About the best I could come up with :rolleyes:
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    I'm thinking it has something to do with FDE but the details are sort of fuzzy.
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    Tactics are the application of military principles to maneuver on, close with and destroy the enemy.
    "Tactical" refers to methods and/or weapons/gear that are enablers for this.

    So "tactical" rifle is a weapon fed by a box magazine of at least 20rds, with a straight line stock, a modern sighting system and other ergonomic improvements (such as pistol grip etc etc) that make it suitable in a tactical application. Examples are AR15, AK series, G3 and its clones etc etc..
    (It not strictly need be selective fire).

    Hunting rifles for example or Over/Unders are not "tactical" weapons (though hunting rifles if properly configured and manned could serve as support-by-fire assets, such a designated marksmen or even sniper roles... which would then via this specialized application would make them a tactical asset but this is stretching a little bit)

    I am uncertain if there truly is such a thing as a "tactical" pistol though...
    Since they are not used as primary tools in a tactical environment.. and are generally desigend as a self defense tool and employed as such ( even in the mil)

    However Pistols a grey area and if someone wanted to argue otherwise (after all they are carried as backups by some mil folk and in some very niche situations in confined spaces even as a primary) it would be ok too.

    As for clothing.. "Tactical clothing" features subdued colors (or camo), Rugged military (or, if urban, swat style) boots, strong belts, and comfortable pants and tops that are loose enough to not inhibit movement in anyway.. but not so loose that they are likely to snag on anything..
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    Threat to those sub sandwiches and French fries! :)
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    Lol I saw that too, those cans are really expensive like we're talking $30 or so for a 9 oz can on amazon. And their known to have a shelf life of 10+ years.

    I've never tried it but they must be really good if its $30 a can lol.
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    Lol, I was wondering when Bluez was going to jump in
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    Tactical clothing - photographer's vest, cargo pants, combat boots, belt knife, and quite visible pistol/spare mag/flashlight/first aid kit, sunglasses and a gun logo cap. Same thing to me as wearing a for-real football jersey with the player's name on it. First guy - ready to join the SWAT team should someone miss the van headed to the rescue. Second- ready to run onto the field if the real athlete gets caught in traffic, I suppose.

    Probably like trying to pick up girls wearing an Ertl Farm Toy T-shirt. Won't work.
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    I wear a photographers vest at work every day. I have tools, parts or lights in every pocket. I call it my "wearable toolbox".
    Guess I'm a wannabe tacticoolth.
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    Something that I've noticed about this topic is that every time it comes up the discussion always seems to focus on the gear rather than the skills.

    I remember a guy that used to post on THR 10 or 12 years ago who would not leave his house unless he was wearing combat boots, BDU pants and a rigger belt. I don't remember what kind of shirt he wore but those clothes were essential to his survival.

    He also carried a Glock 17 and at a minimum two reloads and a folder. I'm not sure what brand but I'm sure it was something tactical. He also carried a fixed blade fighting knife and at least two tactical flashlights ( which I can't say anything because I'm carrying two right now).

    This was before the days of the IFAK and I honestly don't remember him ever talking about medical but I would be willing to bet you that at a minimum he carried an army field dressing.

    What I find interesting about this is I remember thinking that was serious Overkill bordering on ridiculous but compared to some of the people I see now this guy was underdressed.

    There was another poster recently on THR who was setting up an EDC backpack for work. He wanted a CZ Skorpion, at least 6 magazines for it, a small trauma kit in case of an active shooter incident at work (which, to be fair, isn't completely ridiculous) and a couple of MREs in case the zombie apocalypse happened while he was at work. He intended to carry this bag into his office every day and leave it at his desk. That's not asking for trouble that's BEGGING for it.

    Having said all that, there's something that I heard Massad Ayoob say once I'm paraphrasing but he said that there's an ideology among the gun community that anybody who is less prepared than I am is just low-hanging fruit for the next mugger that comes along but anybody who's more prepared than I am is fearful and paranoid.

    I wouldn't necessarily call it "tactical" but I have a backpack full of stuff that I carry to work every single night and almost everything in it is there because it's some point I needed it and didn't have it with me.

    I keep cold weather gear in it all year long because I've gone to work in the morning and it's 60 degrees and by noon there's 6 inches of snow on the ground. I keep extra socks and underwear in my pack because because I've gone to work in the morning and there's 6 inches of snow on the ground and by noon it's 60 degrees. I carry a 40 ounce Hydroflask of drinking water because they occasionally sent me place where there isn't any (and because my water is filtered and tastes beter).

    I carry a minor med kit consisting of a barrier device and some army personal bandages and some antacids, aspirins, caffeine pills and Imodium.

    I also carry a roll of toilet paper because I've been sent to sites where there are barely any bathroom facilities let alone amenities like Charmin.

    I have a gazillion pens and two or three notebooks because I'm OCD about having something to write with and something on. I also keep a spare pocket knife in my pack.

    Two pairs of sunglasses and eye glass cleaner and an eye glasses repair kit

    I always have a Bible in my pack and usually another book and cat food for the feral cats that hang out with me all night

    I also have a packable rain jacket but given Colorado has been in a moderate to severe drought for the last 20 years I think I've worn it once in the last three years.

    There are those who think that amount of stuff is ridiculous.
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    The term "tactical" is not lost on soldiers either. i often shoot on the Fort Sill private weapons range. Folks show up with their tricked out AR rifles, big bunches of ammo and proceed to blow up the 25 meter targets.
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    A tactical move on the military's part is one that is carefully planned and often small in scale, but important in getting control of an area.

    Tactical comes from the Greek taktike techne meaning "art of arrangement." When something is tactical, it is artfully arranged, or planned. This most often refers to military or naval operations, but it doesn't have to. When someone does something with a goal that is beyond the immediate result of his action, that can be seen as a tactical move. For example, renovating your kitchen might be a tactical move if you're planning to eventually sell your house and want to increase its property value.
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