How do I restore a 1938 .22?

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    I just inherited my great-fathers .22 and am looking to restore it. My dad grew up hunting with it and after he moved out it fell into disrepair and I am looking to fix it up for him. The barrel reads:

    J. Stevens arms Company
    Chicopee Falls mass. USA
    22 short, long or long rifle
    Springfield Model 15

    It is a bolt action model. Anyone who could give me advice/instructions for restoring it or even if you know of a website to go to I would appreciate it. My personal email is [email protected], feel free to email me with relevant remarks. Thanks.
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    I see you have had a few views, but no replies. I believe it might be that you haven't asked a very in depth question. I, unfortunately, am on a work computer that filters all hosted images, so I can't tell if you posted any pictures, so I apologize if the information is right in front of everyone else.

    But, what are you looking to do to it? Do you want to strip it down, clean it up and reblue the barrel / action / etc.? Any good gunsmith can do that for you. Are you looking at having the stock reworked, or a new one made to replicate the one originally on the rifle when it came off the shelf? Again, any good gunsmith can probably recommend a good woodworker for stock work in your area.

    Just some random thoughts -


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    Yeah Lets See Some Pictures So We Know What Kind Of Disrepair We're Dealing With. A Good Place To Start Would Be They Have All The Parts For This Model Except The Barrel/action.