How Do I Remove Gas Checks?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by cottontop, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I am dismantling some 7x57 ammo that has been loaded with cast lead boolits. I am using an inertia type bullet puller. The boolits come out fine, but the gas check will not come out and remains stuck inside the case. Is there a way to get the gas check out? I don't think it would be good to reload the case with the gas check still in there loose in the case, but it seems to be so light, it might work. Anyone know?
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    I don't reload, but I am a toolmaker and I'm following what you are saying. Do you have a hook scribe? Maybe a set of small snap ring pliers with the small teeth could grab them.

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    Why did you pull the bullets? I would simply replace the cast bullets and fire the rounds. If you seat a plain base jacketed bullet securely against the gas check you can fire it out.
    I have filled the necks with paraffin and shot them out. Just check the bore each time it is fired.:)
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    Don't you have to pull the bullets in order to replace them? Also, I have no idea what powder charge is in there or what powder is used.
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    I found a pair of hemostat pliers in my tool box and they worked great. All the gas checks are removed. Thanks for the tip.