How difficult is it to remove the barrel of a Marlin Original 39m?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by supra001, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I'm doing a total strip down of the rifle in an effort to throughly give it a once over cleaning. I recently dug it out of the closet and haven't fired it in over 15 years, and best as I remember, I have never cleaned it, not even imagined I cleaned or thought about cleaning it. I was negligent to say the least. I bought it new in 1981 and I was young and ignorant and would always simply put it up after shooting it, never considering it should be cleaned from time to time. :eek: That was through the first 10 years of it's service to me, and the remainder to present day, well, it's been in the back of the closet! Now I want to give it what it deserves, and always take care of it. BTW, considering the abuse, it's in really great shape, very minimal light rust in a few spots and that's it! Lastly, as I re-assemble the rifle, should I use a firearm grease internally or simple gun lubricant? Thanks for any input.
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    I do most of my own gun repairs, make a firing pin from some steel stock laying around and what have I. I wouldn't dream of taking off the barrel of my Winchester 94. I'll let a professional handle that, and only if I was replacing it.

    If I was to take on what you are describing, I would take apart all the items that I could with common tools, and then only things that aren't overly tight.
    As a kid, (an actual kid,) I once tried to take off the butt stock of my shotgun to refinish the wood, and in the process the screw was so tight my screwdriver busted right out the side of the stock! Needless to say, I will not be trying to take that off again.

    See that huge v shaped crack?


    Things can go terribly wrong real quick!

    I could be wrong, but I would think a barrel is a lot harder to take off and I don't really see any advantage by taking it off. But that's me; I am sure someone with more knowledge of the rifle will have better advise.

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    Thanks for the warning, but unless I'm terribly wrong, according to the schematic it's simply threaded on the main body of the rifle. By saying it's "simply" threaded, I'm not implying it should be easy to get off, but it appears this way. Right now I have it oiled down trying to get deep penetration into the threads. I already have it stripped down, butt stock, fore stock, hammer mech., ejector, etc..just lacking the barrel. As far as why, so long as it's not highly discouraged by those who will know, I just want to. Thanks
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    First, it is not necessary (nor advisable) to remove a 39 barrel to clean the rifle.

    "Simply threaded" does not mean "readily un-screwable". The barrels are screwed in to a set level of torque- a VERY high level. Second, you did notice that the barrel has sights? When reinstalling the barrel, you would need to check headspace, and see that the barrel is indexed, or the sights are going to be at the 11:00 o'clock position.

    To remove a barrel from MOST firearms is a gunsmith's job- it requires a LARGE vise, a barrel wrench, and fitted block to hold the action, or you WILL destroy the action. I do a lot of amateur smithing- but I take rebarrels to MY smith- he has the (literally) 4 foot long wrench.

    Bottom line- as the robot said in Lost in Space- "DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER" Don't do it.
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    That sounds reasonable, I just needed someone to chime in who new better than I. Being in the mechanical industry myself, I understand special tooling, torque values, special fixtures, therefore, I think I'll leave this alone. It certainly wasn't necessary, I just wanted to completely take it down. Any suggestions during re-assembly on grease vs. lubricant? Thanks
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    Anytime a barrel is threaded, it automatically means special tools are needed to remove/install the barrel. I wouldn't advise it.