How Can We Make Our Position Known?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by danf_fl, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Like so many others, I am devastated by the needless loss of lives in these recent public shootings.

    I pray for those lost, their loved ones, and the many friends.

    I, like so many others (I presume), feel that this is not what the firearm use should be portrayed as in representing me.

    I do not have any inclination to commit suicide.
    I do not have any inclination to commit murder.
    I do feel that any firearm is a tool to be used in self defense, home defense, sport, hunting, hobby, and military warfare.

    How can we get the word out that we, and others as well, are appalled by the misuse of firearms in this fashion. That those who commit such crimes are not representatives of the majority of firearms owners?
  2. silverado113

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    I think Rob Pincus summed it up well:

    "With the news still being shared about another violent spree murder targeting innocents who would be very likely unarmed, unprotected and unprepared to defend themselves from a predator, the firearms community should take a deep breath befo
    re responding.

    First and foremost, there are many families, friends and community members who need to be thought of. Neither today's attack on school in Connecticut, this weeks previous murders in Oregon, the still recent movie theatre violence in Colorado or any other event in history where firearms were used to harm people assumed to be unable to protect themselves is an attack on our way of life. These attacks were against real people. In today's case, mostly children. Those people and those close to them should be at the front of our thoughts. With deepest sympathy and sorrow.
    We all know that the "anti-gun crowd" is going to capitalize on this moment to drive their own agenda forward, but we should not stoop to their level. We should not be rushing out ranting about how wrong they are out of one side of their mouths while are at the same time taking the opportunity to stand on a soap box and proselytize the obvious fact that children could've been saved in the teachers had been armed and prepared to deal with such a threat.
    This is a time to take a breath and consider the tragedy and loss. I think we must consider those involved directly and respond respectfully in whichever way we chose. Yes, this is exactly the type of event that can be twisted to advance a political agenda. Let's not be the side that is getting wound up about the wrong things.

    As always, my emphasis will be on training. I don't think that we are likely to see a shift to armed teachers in the near future, but I do believe that we should be educating all people, especially those who work in high risk areas that are known "gun free zones", in how to deal with the reality of firearms violence. One aspect of that education might include how access to a dropped or found firearm (from one of the murderers themselves, a fallen police officer of an armed citizen) could become a pivotal moment and the opportunity to end a spree killing with a very low level of training. A few years ago, in conjunction with an episode of The Best Defense TV Show, I prepared an essay that could be shared with anyone interested in having some knowledge about the defensive use of firearm. Please share with teachers, those you know in the medical profession and/or anyone else that might be resistant or unable to carry a defensive firearm, but could benefit from knowing how to use one in a worst case scenario like the attack that took place today in Connecticut."
    Read find Essay here:

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    ^^^That pretty much sums it up.^^^
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    When something horrible happens something positive should come out of it. Many teachers will not carry a firearm. Most will fight the idea of teachers being armed tooth and nail. We have a group of men and women who are trained to use firearms and spot potential terrorists. Our veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Veterans are having a hard time finding honorable work when they get home. What could be a more honorable way for our veterans to make the transition to civilian life than protecting our most valuable asset, our next generation of Americans?

    I do not know how to bring such an idea to the attention of those who can make it so. Maybe if the idea starts circulating around the internet it will come to the attention of the right people.
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    I'm new, I'm active duty military and I joined cause I'm concerned about our constitution and how it is going away, and changing into something completely unrecognizable.

    @john_deer.. There is a petition on petitions that is asking to allow teacher and school official to be trained to defend themselves and their students. Its called "a gun in every classroom". I'm urging everybody I can think of to sign it. There is already one asking for stronger gun control with enough signatures. If the anti-gun crazies are the only ones making there voice heard they will get there way. Please help us show the government there are alternatives to infringing on our second amendment rights.

    Let your voices be heard, I have sworn to defend the constitution with my life and I mean it, but you can't fix stupid...

    And I'm not talking about the people on this forum but the stupid "takers" of this world. The ones who don't wanna do anything for themselves. They want the government to protect them and feed them, and give them healthcare.
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    Sarahann, First off, Thank you for your service.

    Secondly, welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, stop by the introductions forum, and tell us a little bit about you. Let some of the other members get to know you, and you to know them.

    Thanks for the link to the petition. I will let other likeminded individuals know about it, and hopefully, we can make a difference.
  7. nitestalker

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    There were 250 million American Gun owners who did not shoot or harm anyone last week.:)
  8. Daoust_Nat

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    I am trying to deal with this with the liberals and un-informed in a calm way, so as not to be considered the cave man if the voices escalate.

    Most non shooters don't know what an AR is. Tell them it is not a military issue, that it does not have the capacity for automatic fire. One trigger pull, one bullet. It is used for hunting. It fires the same calibre rounds that the more traditional hunting rifles do. It is just much lighter and looks different.

    Push the fact that these tragedies all occurred in no gun zones. Easy picking for a dirtball that does not want a fight. He wants a body count. Armed resistance generally stops it quickly.

    Talk about arming and training volunteer faculty and staff at schools, much like a lot of churches do in light of the general gun ban in them. It is highly unlikely probablility wise that a school would have no one on staff with firearms experience. There does not need to be a general announcement who these people are, just quietly arm and train them. Most probably already have their own firearms. Put a sign at all door that no firearms are allowed, and the place is protected by armed security.

    A lot of the opposition is knee jerk and comes from a lack of knowledge. Maybe we can be part of the education program.
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    i was actually tossing around an idea in my head similiar to this.. having a small armed, and trained detail on premises while school is in session at every school. it would creat a bunch of jobs, while keeping the kids safe. i would be okay with a small tax increase to help pay for that service. i had not thought about using strictly veterans, but it is a good thought. i was also thinking they could be dressed like janitors, or mainteneince personnel as to not atract as much attention but are ready to protect... amount of manpower needed would be dependent on the size of the school. i now my kids school would be good with probly 4 to 6 people.. others might need as many as 15 to 20.

    and front sight already said they would give free training to school staff.

    and i would probly be the first to apply for the job as well. :)
  10. kfox75

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    Excellent idea JJ. The only thing I would add to this is a couple of "floater" personel to cover after school activities such as concerts and sporting events, and to cover sick leave, vacation, and personal time. In a school the size of my daughter's, where my wife works as well, I'd say 2 to 3 people on call. I would also support allowing any school employee with a CCW being allowed to carry while at the school. If nothing else, maybe some of the parents or grandparents with a CCW and proper training (ex-military\LEO) would volunteer their time as another option. I know I would.
  11. Squawk

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    Or take the money from the unproductive citizens on Government assistance. Crack whores on welfare and food stamps should come second to our youth.

    Of course, some left wing nutjob will think that is crazy talk.

    Sounds logical to me.
  12. PC167

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    I'm lucky that my kids school has a full time Deputy Sheriff assigned to the district.

    Actually, most of the District's in the county have a full time police officer(s) assigned depending on the size of the city.

    The monies for paying the law enforcement services is payed out of the schools budget.