How can we join together?

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    I live near Raleigh, NC, the capitol of NC. It seems like every week we have a small grass roots group marching on the capitol building. Grass roots NC a local second amendment advocacy group marched on the capitol. They met with a few legislators. But only a couple hundred marchers turned out. I would have been happy to join the march but I did not know they were going to march until 10 am the day of the march. The NAACP has an annual march with thousands of participants. Since the NAACP march virtually shuts down the capitol area, downtown it gets a lot of media attention and the ear of the state legislature.

    The fight to protect the second amendment is a never ending battle. There is always a piece of legislature in congress that threatens to infringe on the RKBA. Instead of all these loosely organized marches with low attendance gun owners need to rip a page out of the NAACP playbook to start having our own annual marches. I really don't care what group organizes the march but we as gun owners need to band together every year in every state capitol as a show of unity and strength. Instead of all these splinter groups that don't make enough noise to get more than a small write up in the local paper.

    Gun owners need to pressure advocacy groups to organize an annual march on the same day each and every year. We need to make our voices heard and let the people see that we are not a bunch of kooks. Just throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it. We need to become active and work in unison to make our voices heard. Everyone that is willing to participate in an annual march should contact the second amendment advocacy group they patronize until we have organized annual marches.
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    BUT first we MUST stop the infighting and ALL agree:
    1. This is a civil rights issue.
    2. Those who wish to violate our civil rights are no different then the KKK and their puppet elected officials of years past. (same mind set and thought process)
    3. That we ALL will refuse to 'go to the back of the bus'.
    4. That this 'right' is worth fighting and dying for.:mad: