How are jacketed bullets made?

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    How are jacketed bullets made? Is the lead poured into the jacket? Is the jacket 'shaped' around the lead? Are they ‘copper plated’? Do elves assemble jackets & bullets? Do the bullet’s mothers put their jackets on them before they leave the factory? Youth wants to know.
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    Traditional jacketed bullets are made from copper tubing with lead wire swaged inside. High pressure swaging machines press them out by the thousands. Some of the newer defensive bullets use a flux inside the jacket. After forming the bullets are heated sufficiently to fuze the two together. Speer makes a line they call "Hot Core". Molten lead is poured into the jackets. Speer also makes the "Gold Dot" line. The "jacket" is actually thick plating, much thicker than "plated" bullets.

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    there is also plating the jacket on. uses electricity to plate the lead core in copper.
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    The process can vary depending on exactly what you are making, but lets start with a basic .30 cal FMJ bullet. The jacket metal is in a sheet, and a punch pops out a disk of jacket. This is placed over a hard steel die, and the jacket is forced into the die by a ram, taking on the shape of the die. A section of lead core is placed behind the jacket, and a ram forces the lead to flow into the open jacket. Known as swaging. Frequently core and jacket are joined purely from pressure, sometimes by epoxy, soldering, or electric welding. Sometimes a cast lead bullet will get a very thin layer of copper by electroplating.

    The bullet Mommies don't really care about the jackets. They are too busy drinking beer and playing rummy with the other bullets, trying to pick up primers, taking about their no good brass, and and discussing that hussy cartridge from Russia with the cheap lacquer job..........
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    The same elves that make Keebler cookies.
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    Okay, we got lead filled tubes pressed into shape somehow, Lead bullets ‘glued’ into jackets, Molten lead poured into jackets, Electro-plating, And Jackets punched into shape and lead forced into it. For some reason I thought one method would have proven most effective & favored by now. Silly me.

    Now tell me about those Lead Round Nose, are they nudists or what? Do the necked down calibers still look at pictures of aboriginal LRN in Guns & Ammo? I suppose the magnum cartridges just read ‘Tactical Today’ for the articles.

    And about the elves; aren’t they the ones that all those bullets get hollow point surgery for? Trying to impress them with their expansion! I think it’s pathetic!
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    That explains it all. :D