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    The first 2 pics shows the configuration it had until today:

    - A Inforce Weapons mounted Light (WML) on the left front of the rail
    - a Angled Fore Grip (AFG) close to the magwell
    - A Vertical Fore Grip (VFG) close to the front

    This set-up allowed me to easily and ergonomically switch my weapons mounted light (WML) with my thumb, offered me positive control in handling the weapon while wearing Combat gloves.
    The disadvantage was that the WML covered up the hole to mount my sling quick release on.

    I could still mount a 1 point sling but as some if you may have noticed, I believe one points are the devil and I really wanted to mount a 2 point sling.

    So my riddle was this: How to free up my front mounting hole to enable a 2 point sling while still mounting my light , keeping ergonomically positive control of the rifle when dashing AND be able to easily actuate the light from my grip position?

    So I took off the VFG moved the AFG forward and mounted the light in the chin position (3rd pic)

    I was able to actuate the light from the AFG in my living room and the AFG felt good in my hand, problem solved right?
    Not so fast!

    I remembered how I had almost all my other rifles AFG'ed and the AFG by itself felt great in the living room but out on the range and in the woods when I threw around my rifle, I always missed the positive control of a VFG.

    So as both dont fit on the bottom rail at the same time with the light added to the chin position, I took off the AFG and mounted the Troy VFG instead.

    See 4th pic.

    Now I had much more positive control when I test-flung the weapon about and was able to switch the light on/off even a little easier with my gloved hand.
    But the VFG felt a bit short.
    So I extended the Troy VFG with the provided extra part and of course I finally got to add the sling.

    See the last pic.
    Now "Deathdealer" is fully configured.

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  2. csaw44

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    Glad you put socks on. Weapon looking good.

  3. KG7IL

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    Yeah, Socks are pretty much the only difference I see.

    Kinda get lost when there are lot's of parts and stuff.

    Socks are easy.
  4. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member


    I am just glad I solved the riddle of how to run my Light while freeing up my attachment for a 2 point sling sinc ei wan tot avoid a 1 point sling.

    I think configurations are important so you can properly run your gun and there are so many fads out there that have little use for the civilian 1st defender and only work well a very narrow PoU that its important to have the right configuration.
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    I didn't see if you mentioned it but what hand guard is that?
  6. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Its the factory LWRC handguard.
    I added the Daniel Defense ladder type rubber thing to the sides of the rail in black.
    Am trying to prevent it form turning from a Black stick to a FDE stick which visually "sticks out" almost as much.

    Tho truth be told the "black stick visual signature" thing has in my mind always been a bit overblown... just the act of you holding the rifle with your cmaoed sleeve covering it your gloved hands breaks up the silhouette.

    This rifle even though in basic FDE has all its trim, Mags, Optic, triggerguard ( put a magpul in today) buttons etc in black so its breaks it up visually some more..