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How about a "nice grips" thread?

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I have hundreds of pics of beautiful wood and other types of grips to share, but would also love to see YOUR pics of grips, so why not start a thread for that purpose? This is open as far as I'm concerned, so wood, metal, horn, Ivory, whatever, post 'em up for all of us to enjoy!
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Thanks. Those were a special order. Exhibition grade desert ironwood.
Wood Table Hardwood Wood stain Plank

My latest set. Black Mesquite. I either need to try and sell some or buy more guns to put them on!

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Nice job!

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Thanks. I hope someday I can produce some works of art like you have!

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It just takes practice. Keep at it long enough and you'll get there.
Ordered some new grips. Will post pics when they arrive.
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