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House Republicans signal openness to some gun-control measures

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Pulled from the gun wire site, headliner "Its Looking Like They're Gonna Cave"
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The green link in my signature, follow it, and send letters to all your law makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did Cantor say? Everything he mentioned is already against the law. The Liberal Democrats are failing to get support of their gun bans. They are saving face and CNN is supporting them. What is new?
The republicans are not going to cave in. Why should they??

They're on the winning side.
It is hard to understand? The Democrats are so thrilled if they can find another anti gun politician. They get so exited Wow! an anti gun Republican.
If I were an Obama supporter I would be seeking cover as well.:eek:
I'm done with them all.

It's time to heat the tar and stock up on feathers.
If they give an one inch they will pay dearly in the mid term.

The difference between democrats and republicans, the speed at which we get screwed.
The second-ranking House Republican said Tuesday that he supports improving the federal background-check system for gun buyers but stopped short of endorsing universal checks on all weapon purchases.
i don't see a big problem with Cantor's statement. He's talking to the NICS Improvement Act of 2007.

IMO: States are dragging their feet on the reporting of violent nutcases: Otherwise, theres nothing wrong with the NICS Improvement Act of 2007. Violent nutcases should not be allowed to buy guns from gun dealers.

BTW: Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, says Feinstein's AWB is going nowhere.
I dont see any issue with making sure the states report nutjobs to the nics system.

If having that info in the nics system was already done several nuts including the azana spa guy and the sikh temple shooter here in wisconsin wouldnt have gotten guns.

Doing things to improve the system we have to make it tougher for goblins to get guns its something that should have been done a while back. Its what they should be doing.

Banning guns isnt a solution but enforcing the current laws are. Give law enforcement the info and tools needed to enforce the law that nuts cant have guns.

How is that a bad thing??
I think we all need to step back and tale a deep breath, and get all the facts before going into chicken little mode.
If they give an one inch they will pay dearly in the mid term.

The difference between democrats and republicans, the speed at which we get screwed.
See?? Someone gets it. I keep hearing we need term limits...We have them..They are called elections....
I saw nothing in Cantor's statement that indicated that he was going to cave. All he was talking about was beefing up the existing NICS system. It just sounds like the opposition is throwing something out there to make themselves feel better.
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