Horse therapy for PTSD

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    Thought some members here might be interested:

    An Alberta program that uses horses in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans received a $150,000 boost on Monday.

    Can Praxis, which runs its equine therapy program on a ranch near Rocky Mountain House, received the donation from Wounded Warriors Canada, an Ontario-based charity focused on veterans’ mental health.

    The amount is a dramatic increase from an initial $10,000 Wounded Warriors gave Can Praxis when it started up last year — a recognition, said the charity’s director, that the program works for its participants.

    “We took a leap of faith as an organization, to see how this would work,” said Wounded Warriors Canada executive director Scott Maxwell.

    “The feedback has been nothing short of amazing.”.........

    It does make some sense when you think about it. Horses pick up on things.
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    I know nothing about the outfit in Canada but horses can be wonderful for people with disabilities. There is a horse barn around here that caters to kids with disabilities. My cousins daughter is essentially a 9 month old trapped in a 15 year old body, I mean that literally she has the physical and mental abilities of the average 9 month old. I can't remember the "syndrome" and likely couldn't spell it anyhow.

    She goes to this horse barn once or twice a week and it is the best she is all week, she sits up a little straighter when on the horse and is just "better" while she is there. You are right these horses sense these kids and act accordingly. A lot of dogs are the same way.

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    We have one here near us, one of our friends rides and volunteers some of her time there...I have seen it work. My 4-legged is my personal support therapy dog...
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    I volunteered at a Hippotherapy barn in 2003-2004. I love horses and I don't have one now. I wanted to be around horses again and I volunteered at the horse barn that worked with mentally and physically delayed children and young adults. My job was cleaning stalls, watering and tacking up the horses for their sessions. Not only were these children better while they were there, but in many cases they made major advancements in their abilities due to riding and working with the horses. It was INCREDIBLE!! Many animals have a way of bonding and communicating with humans.
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    My wife went through a bout of depression/PTSD a couple years ago and her therapist had her try equine therapy which really helped. There were beautiful horses at the ranch but she bonded with this poor old thing that looked like it had had a rough life. I went with her one time and she talked to that old horse while braiding its mane for the whole session. Her therapist and the guy who owned the ranch had never seen any one do that! Anyway, it was very helpful and I highly recommend it.
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    I seem to have a weird relationship with horses. The ones everyone say are sweet usually end up biting me (that hurts) and getting punched for it, the ones Nobody else can approach tend to love me. I had one that used to try to bite other people and we (the horse and I) would both laugh. Lol
    He had to be put down a few months ago. I loved that old guy. My brother learned he has the same relationship the hard way, one of the sweet horses grabbed him by his shoulder blade and threw him across the barn.

    better judged by twelve than carried by six.
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    It's great to see a private effort like this started by a veteran and working out for other veterans. We've had too many suicides and more government "programs" don't do much except spend taxes and hire bureaucrats.

    Rocky isn't far from me. It's in western Alberta around where I hunt elk in what we call "West of the 5th" - hillbilly country. The country west of the 5th Meridian tends to be a heavy redneck area. It's just the sort of place something like this would be dreamed up and take hold. I've put out a contact to see if I can help in some way.
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    I have no experience with veterans. I got involved with autistic children and horses. The volunteer has to really be dedicated. When you volunteer you are making a six month commitment to that kid. The kids get really attached to the horse handlers. If you miss a day the autistic kid jumps to a conclusion that you are not coming back and the kid feels like it's their fault. Apparently autistic kids get dumped by a lot of people. If the horse they ride is sick they are a handful but they can see the horse and they know the horse is sick. It is a satisfying experience. I would think helping veterans would be just as satisfying.
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    Old quotation

    There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

    Duke of Beaufort, a great horseman
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    I have a veteran living in my building who has a dog for this reason.
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    I would think so, too. The chances of drawing a liberal are thin.:)

    In all seriousness, I contacted CF several years back to see if they'd be interested in an offer of a couple-3 mo. service over there. I figured I might be able to get a leave of absence and me and my .25-06 could watch a road at night and spell off somebody. They sent me a link to basic if! I'm not cut out for that crap and I'm too old for it. Anyway, we'll see what happens...feels like a debt to me.
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