Hornady Lock N Load AP progressive

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    :DWell I finaly got my Lock n Load and couldn't be happier.
    It functions flawlessly as long as u follow all the instructions.
    My major concern with a progressive is the powder thrower.So far with flake ( Hogden trap) and (hogden H110) granular the amount of variance was less then 1/10 of a grain over 20 rounds for each. I have never had a thrower that could do this.
    Once I had everything set up I was able to make up 250 rounds of 45 acp in just over an hour, and 200 rounds of 44 rem mag in about an hour and a half. This was going slow and making shure everything was going smoothly.
    there was a cuple of times I didn't seat the primer and I got powder into the mechanisume (sp) and had to take the shell holder off and clean it out so that the primer mec wouldn't bind up , but that was my falt.
    I can see how the automatic shell feed would be an asset as that would leave only placing a bullit into a case mouth. for anothe $350 that can wate.
    I highly recomend getting the hornady if u are looking to get a full automated reloading press. I give this one two thumbs up.

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    I fully agree. I consider the Dillon 650 to be superior ONLY if you have to have a case feeder. The mechanism for the Hornady case feeder looks like it will require occasional adjustment. The Dillon was designed from the ground up for a case feeder.
    In fact, I couldn't imagine trying to use a 550 or 650 without a case feeder.
    At least the 1050 puts the case feed station right in front of the reloader, so one easily drop a case down the "hole" and not have to line up the case with the shell plate.
    Trust me, I have three 1050s with case feeders for the past 2 years and two case feeders had to be returned to Dillon and one still doesn't work right with .38 Special cases.
    I would consider a bullet feeder as being more important, but that is because with age, my left hand shakes when I try to do precise small motor activities--my hand just shakes harder the more I try to place the bullet perfectly on the charged case.
    The problem is that, with only 5 stations, you would not be able to easily inspect the charged case.
    Thus, what Hornady needs to come out with is a 6-station press--but then our existing shell plated would need to be replaced.
    Remember two things with a progressive press:
    1) Never force anything. If something feels different/odd, takes all cases of the shell plate, find out what is wrong, and work one case at a time until you work off the 4 cases.
    2) If any powder spills, immediately stop and remove the shell plate and clean up. Nothing messes up the primer feed on any press more than a kernel or two of powder getting into the mechanism.