Hornady FTX vs Win PDX1 .22 mag

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    I carry a NAA Black widow just about all the time and am happy with the Hornady FTX. However, I'm wondering if anybody has done any velocity or penetration testing with the new 40 gr. ( was 45 gr.) Win PDX1 .22 mag ammo? As it stands now Winchester has changed their claims about their PDX so many times I don't know what to expect. Thanks in advance, dgang
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    winchester claims a lot of things. So does hornady. That's why they have marketing departments... I would suggest you get some water bottles, or wet newspaper, or whatever else you can dream up and do your own testing. Why take someone else's word for it? You do know that ammunition companies make claims of velocity and penetration based on their results from test barrels right? and sometimes with a little exaggeration. you can not expect those same results from a derringer. I don't know what they're using for a test barrel, but you can bet it was a rifle length.

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    At the range you would be using the derringer at, the best thing you can do is just use ANY high quality ammo...
    Its an Up-Close-In-Yer-Face pistol...

    Your choice is between speed or size...smaller grain bullet means faster speeds & better cavitation...
    or heavier bullets with some SMACK to 'em which do plenty of damage as well...

    I like what the 50-grain Federal Gameshok do out of a Grendel P-30 versus critters,
    and would have no problem trusting them to do a heinous amount of damage to a human...
    but bear in mind, the Grendel holds 30-rounds of .22WMR (same as a Keltec PMR-30 does)...
    because if yer going to use tiny bullets, best to have a LOT of them on hand!!