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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Jagermeister, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Jagermeister

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    I am unable to get Hornady Critical Defense ammo over here. I was at the US military range/LGS today, and noticed 20 round boxes of Hornady Zombie in .40. I know this ammo is Critical Defense with some green stuff in the hollowed point. What is the green stuff, and does it lessen target damage and accuracy?
  2. emo

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    It's the same Flex Tip that is in the Critical Defense, just a different color. It is supposed to prevent clogging from clothing etc and also aide in expansion. I know it's the same as Critical Defense but just can't bring myself to buy it. Heaven forbid you ever have to use it in self defense because some lawyer will play it up that you're obsessed with zombies and that's why you shot someone!

  3. clr8ter

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    I can't buy it because it's not on the shelf. When it was, I still wouldn't, because that part of the Zombie Craze is retarded. Don't get me wrong, I have read some zombie stuff, simply for entertainment, fluorescent green is one of my favorite colors, and Rob Zombie's music is awesome. But seriously, marketing "Zombie Killer" ammo? Come on.

    I have noticed that it was also cheaper than CD, for some reason......
  4. JonM

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    their vmax and critical defense are very well made bullets. they expand REALLLLLLY well in deer in the 150 grain offering. so well that you shouldnt shoot the deer in the shoulder or your going to lose both quarters...

    anyway i wouldnt worry about what some lawyer might say unless your in a liberal area where its illegal to defend yourself from murderous thugs. a good shoot is a good shoot whether you use a BB gun or a howitzer.

    you only tend to end up in court if your doing something hinky to begin with...
  5. B5Dan

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    "Academic" studies are suggesting that "the zombie craze is nearly over". Add to that, many serious, old school shooters ate probably loath to carry/use the stuff. That said, I carry it in .38 spcl in my snubby, but that's because it works well bit was discounted in price
  6. winds-of-change

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    I have a box of the "Zombie Critical Defense" and that is exactly why. Same ammo, only cheaper.
  7. 1911perfection

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    I have the zombie ammo and CD ....... Same thing except the accuracy is not quite is on Q with the zombie....... I put three holes with the CD at 20 yards all in the X (bullseye) one at the very top and two side-by-side at the bottom creating a perfect triangle but with the zombie ammunition I done the same exact pattern but missed out about an 16th of an inch on each **** with my kimber 1911 that I can take your left nut off at 50 yards..... I have put nearly 3500 rounds through it and she's my baby
  8. trip286

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    1/16 of an inch at 20 yard with a pistol but it must be the ammo's fault?

    And the previous three shots were merely in the X Ring.

    Hate to tell you this, but that was a butterfly fart, not the ammo. Besides, the only difference is the color of the tip. Beyond that, it has the same variation as any other round has from one batch to the next.