Hornady case tough extract

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    I recently had my 114 American Classic returned after sending it back to Savage to have the chamber checked out. In as few words as possible, Savage said the gun checked out ok...must have been the cheap Federal ammo I was shooting. So, I finally got around to shooting it this morning, but instead of using Federal again, I picked up a box of Remmy Core-Lokt and a box of Hornady Interbonds. The Core-Lokts were the first down the tube; they shot beautifully for "cheap" ammo. After getting dialed in with those, I moved to the Hornadys that I plan on using this fall. Right away, it was tough to EXTRACT the spend casing. The bolt unlocked fine, it was just a real bytch to pull the bolt rearward to extract. I had to actually pound on the bolt to get it free (shot it four times with the Hornady, all were tight). I shoot Hornady ammo in two of my other rifles and have been totally pleased with it. This surprises me.

    This is the link to the first problem I had with Federal ammo > http://www.firearmstalk.com/forums/f18/blowing-primers-out-31081/

    What gives?
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    measure the brass on both cases you just shot and see if the Hornady both case should be fire formed to your chamber now but all bet that the Hornady cases necks longer. i have a 22-250 that i have to trim shorter then max case length because they will stick in the chamber or wont chamber it sounds like your Savage just like what it likes so feed it that. i like core lock bullets in my non magnum riffles, millions of critters have been shot with these great soft cheap bullets