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    If you guys are reloading for revolvers, be aware that there is a lot of Hornady brass that is about .02 inches SHORT! I have found a lot of them in 44 mag and 45 Colt in the last 2 years. The bullets don't seat to the crimp groove and the case mouth won't crimp as it doesn't reach the roll in the die. A real pain in the butt as I reload commercially and do 1,000's at a time. I have to sort the brass or the loaded rounds and reset the dies (belling, seating, and crimp)...what a hassle! I have no idea why this is so.....anyone want to shed some light on this?
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    its just the nature of the beast. all of us have to sort mixed brass. i sit and watch tv while i do it. i full length size then grab a couple of baggies/boxes my case gage and ge after it

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    The brass was likely first loaded with the Hornaday LeverRevolution bullets. The long ogive of the semi-spitzer bullet mandates a shorter case to get a proper crimp.