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    If you guys are reloading for revolvers, be aware that there is a lot of Hornady brass that is about .02 inches SHORT! I have found a lot of them in 44 mag and 45 Colt in the last 2 years. The bullets don't seat to the crimp groove and the case mouth won't crimp as it doesn't reach the roll in the die. A real pain in the butt as I reload commercially and do 1,000's at a time. I have to sort the brass or the loaded rounds and reset the dies (belling, seating, and crimp)...what a hassle! I have no idea why this is so.....anyone want to shed some light on this?
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    I have heard the short brass was originally loaded with the Leverevolution polymer tipped bullet. The brass is shorter to allow crimping on the long ogive spitzer style bullet.

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    Lever Revolution trims to 1.240 because the bullet seats deeper than the standard 1.280 if you use the fired lever revolution rounds, but the critical defense was measured at 1.280 and using the 1.240 can cause you pressure problems, i would get some lever revolution bullets so your brass doesnt get waisted.