Hornady .45 Critical Defense

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by User Name, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. User Name

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    What do you guys think about the Hornady .45acp 185gr Critical Defense Hollowpoint. They are the "pre-filled" hollowpoints for what they claim has perfect expansion every time and do not get clogged with clothes n such. I just got them for my carry Kimber 1911 and the feed fine, but how do they perform?
  2. stalkingbear

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    They perform great in .380. I can't tell you about the .45 version but my LCP bug stays loaded with them. I'm sold on them. If I ever run out of Black Talons in .45 I'm going to switch to Critical Defense for my defense load. I just wish they made them in 230 gr+P.

  3. spittinfire

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    I've heard nothing but good things about the critical defense rounds but personally I had no interest in the 45 flavor. I personally like 230gr bullets and there are so many good options out there in 45. I think they show their performance better in the smaller calibers such as 38 or 380 but that's just my opinion.
    If your weapon shoots them well and you feel comfortable with them, go for it.
  4. SGT_Calle

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    I keep a magazine full in my FNP-45 Tactical. Feed great and like others said, I've heard nothing but good things. The other two mags are home to speer gold dots in 230 gr.
  5. sweeper22

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    I bought a box of the 185gr to try it out. The local BiMart stocks it, so it's an affordable $18/box or so. Sure is nice to see a some high quality JHPs at a discount store price.