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    -This thread is a replacement to a thread that I started several days ago. It was removed as I didn't have vendor status, but now it is back...

    This product is not for sale yet.

    I am the inventor, an avid shooter and though I am still very new to your forums, I am quickly becoming a huge fan of them. I have been extremely impressed by the positive and professional attitudes of both the forums users and it's staff. I have never felt so good about a place on the net as quickly as this one.

    Anyway as I had started, before I rambled off in the last paragraph. I invented and patented a new gun-lock over the last several years and I would like honest comments and opinions on it from real people, before I take it to market.

    I can only get so many biased comments from friends and family before I can't take it anymore, however fellow gun owners that I don't know can teach me a lot. I would rather speak to the people this can help, then the people that want to exploit it. Any input you can give would be very appreciated and help me in creating a reliable and safe overall finished design.

    Home Page

    I don't currently have a price point for these locks, but I can tentatively say that each unit will cost about half the price of a standard ammunition magazines full price.
  2. Bigcat_hunter

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    Looks like a creative invention but honestly most people throw the locks that come with new guns in the round file as soon as they open the box.

  3. Mark F

    Mark F Active Member Supporter

    The problem is, here in Texas we keep our guns loaded and ready. There's nothing more useless than a locked gun when its urgently needed.
  4. skullcrusher

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    An innovative idea, for sure. I hope they do well for you.

    Now, my thoughts:

    Trigger locks come with most NIB firearms and for the most part can be used on several different makes. A trigger lock also allows for the action to be closed. I prefer this as to limit dust, lint and whatnot into the action. Just personal preference.

    Now, if you could get some mfrs to use these as the main lock that comes with the gun, then you could do well. Better yet, get the few places that make it manadatory for a lock on a stored firearm to adopt them as an acceptable lock option.

    Just my .02 that should be counted as .01 :)
  5. ta1588

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    this actually looks like a very good idea! I wish you the most of luck! I would definitely get one or two!
  6. Bigcat_hunter

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    I think I would put a patent and copyright on those then contact the firearms manufactures and try to secure a contract. I don't think there is much if any of a market for locks in the civilian market. You might need to hire a marketing agent.
  7. Mr. Bluesky

    Mr. Bluesky New Member

    +1 to all of this. I, personally, wouldn't buy one, for these reasons, but manufacturers might like the idea, and that's where the big bucks would be anyway.
  8. spittinfire

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    I think you have a great idea as far as firearms locks go but personally I would not buy one. I would prefer to keep my weapons in a safe without an individual lock on each. Outside of that I would keep my personal defense weapons secured in a manor to allow access as well as safety. I wish you the best of luck with your product.
  9. rifleman1

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    they would be nice for short term storage but personally i like my slide forward to relieve strain and ware on my springs so i myself would stick to my trigger locks.
  10. RailCrafter

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    That's a great lock, but like most of us here, I would not use it. Again, patent it and market it to the manufacturers.
  11. hillbilly68

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    Here is one you will be fighting in the marketplace. Guys wont want the slides locked back. It is a misconception that springs weaken from being compressed (they weaken from compression and expansion cycles) but you wont be able to overcome the inertia (no pun intended) of the gun owners.

    Several opinions that I agree with in the thread though; no individual gun locks in my house either. Useless items in my opinion. In some sort of gun safe or on your body are the two options.

    Not an affront to you or your efforts, just being honest.
  12. N.D.

    N.D. New Member

    Thanks for asking!

    Welcome to FTF, I would not use a lock that wouldn't allow me to keep the slide closed, for the dust & lint reason offered earlier by some one else, and I as well think you should modify the design to allow the slide to be at rest, BUTT . . I also think that you should try to market this idea to the Arms MFG's out there after you change it to a closed slide version of course.
    Overall I like your design though! ;)

  13. JoshX3Magazine

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    It's an idea with a lot of merit. Might be something that can get some legs under it as a manufacturer-included product if, of course, the price is right. I'd love to talk with you more about the product.

    I can see people's points about the whole "slide closed" and "keep my gun loaded" thing, but at the same time, for some people transporting a pistol or rifle in a less than gun-friendly state or county, or without a concealed permit, this might be a great product to keep around!

    Just my thoughts.

    You, sir, have been Private Messaged. :)

  14. thefmsl.com

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    The problem with gun locks even from from my point of view is they're a hindrance to the people that trust themselves and they're family with said firearms. I figure every user on this forum including myself has a minimum of 5 firearms and at least 10 years of experience in safe handling and shooting.

    Now that being said, in the last few years more firearms have been bought by first time buyers then ever before. These first time buyers have minimal firearm experience, they bought those firearms because of some kind of fear. Be it the change in power in the white house or just feeling generally unprepared for the worst possible situation. These people are my target demographic, they bought a firearm on a whim and now its sitting somewhere unattended, loaded and possibly forgotten.

    This is very factual and a little scary to be honest.

    Personally I have a big beautiful environmentally controlled gunsafe to keep my firearms in, but when I transport a firearm to the range or to the smith. Their individually locked in a locked container, because I live in an unfriendly to gun owners state.

    Trigger locks are an interesting prospective on firearm safety. Especially considering how easy they are to defeat as well as keep a loaded firearm with a lock on it.

    Thanks for the comment, the patent# is US 7,543,403 and it is already copyrighten. I am the inventor and have been working with a marketing agent off an on for about a month. Just wanted to get some better perspectives from real people, instead of biased family and friends.

    Thank you for the honesty, that is why I love firearm owners. They are the few real people left on this earth, I always expect honesty and I have never been disappointed by fellow gun owners. I have always gotten logical and thought out comments from people like yourself and I thank you again for all your comments.

    I have been fighting this whole spring compression thing for years it seems. People don't care about facts, they care about what they're father told them or what they think logically makes sense to them. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

    I take no offense in someones opinion and never will, that is what separates us

    Thank you Josh, I will email you back later today or tomorrow. Just had to catch up with the rest of the gentleman on this site first. Speak to you soon.

    To anyone I missed, thank you none the less for taking the time to leave comments. Both positive and negative, they're all a great help to me. Have a nice day...
  15. Mark F

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    Greetings Ryan!

    I honestly believe you have good quality "niche product" in the making. Stay with it and promote it. You'll be glad you did.

  16. hmm

    id rather gun proof my kids than kid proof my guns
  17. Oohrah

    Oohrah New Member

    Sorry, it is a product that I would not use. With the exception of cabinate firearms, all mine are loaded and ready to use!
  18. RadioActiV

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    I think that it would be a great tool for people on the go (meaning travelers going through states that don't allow loaded weapons to be transported) or even the vendors at a gun show. For home security I think it would flunk out seeing how home protection needs a readily accessed firearm instead of jumping through a bunch of hoops to get your gun. Honestly you can't tell the perp that just broke into your house to hold on for a sec!, and as far as the big company theory a lot of them are designing trigger locks right onto the gun. So I would market it as a travel lock or display lock. Sorry to be blunt, you wanted thoughts why sugar coat them. Good luck with your product and i hope you make it.
  19. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I don't use gun locks myself. Either they are in the safe or loaded and ready to use. But that does look like a nice product. There probably is a market in some of the more restrictive states that require guns to be locked. Good luck with that. Seriously, I hope it works out for you.
  20. jeepcreep927

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    Perfectly stated.