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    We have lived in a formerly quiet neighborhood for 39+ years. The usual apartment dweller residents hve increased but not badly as the area is of ( tody's prices, $400K homes). Back then they sold for 49.5

    On 1 July at about 1100 smoke appeared in our back yard. I quickly checked; verified it was not us but was,rather, form our neighbors house just beyond the chain link fence. I went over to find white smoke billowing from outside the kitchen and darker smoke from the inside which was so noxious as to be impossible to enter. No response to knocks on the door but
    as was their normal practice, the garage door was up and the door from there to the kitchen was unlocked.. notice the open invitation to be target?????

    The usual Chinese Fire Drill ensued when the FD arrived but the bottom line is that both are dead, killed via homicide then an arson to cover a robbery.!!!!

    A knife was used to eventually kill my neighbors who were bound to chairs--- follow me????

    It is quite obvious that the "Have- Nots" are now emboldended and we are the targets. Pray for the souls of our two friends who are in Heaven; their funeral is today, but also pray for our nation which is also under attack from within and without. It is time to have arms at the ready and always be expecting the unexpected. It just happened and two friends, two innocent sheeple are dead.

    Think this is isolated??

    8 months ago "two gentlemen from the hood" also killed two retirees with almost the exact same M/O in Thomaston , GA. I was taught that only dead folks believe in coincidence---.


    Laus Deo
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    When I lived just outside of Atlanta, it was rare not to see some violent crime every night on the news. Home invasions - when the residents are obviously home - were becoming common. Folks were kicking in doors during the dinner hour and preying on those at home. A few cases the intruders killed the residents just because. Of course the Atlanta PD & leadership (horribly liberal) suggest just giving in and hoping for the best.

    As for me, I'm never more than arms reach away from a loaded gun that I'm quite proficient at using. Nope, I'll have no hesitation at all if my door suddenly bursts open...

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    Wasn't this same thing posted a little while back?

    Found it, but it is just a little different. I wonder why...

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    That's quite horrific. The fact that it all happened withing a softball throw is even more creepy.

    And the "all-wise authorities" would have us to believe that we should do nothing but comply when faced with this type of situation. Look how well that worked out for these two.