Homeland Security Gun Safe Review vs Sturdy Gun Safe vs Vault Pro USA vs Fort Knox.

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    Hi everyone ..I recently made a big purchase on a gun safe that I had custom built to my specifications..I did a price comparison vs the competition for what you are getting..this might help a few people who are shopping around for a new gun safe..please check the youtube video below.Tell me what you think


    Here is a list of everything that is included..when you custom build it

    1/4" steel plate wrapped in 10 gauge steel door

    4 Gauge solid steel body measures almost 1/4" of steel

    18 1 1/2" steel locking bolts from top to bottom and all sides

    2" Double step door system with Anti Pry door tabs

    1800 degree fireproofing for 60min

    Electronic Lock

    Gold 5 spoke door handle with gold pin striping

    6 level adjustable shelving with additional gun shelf rack

    4 1/2" bolt down holes

    Department of Justice Approved

    High Gloss 2 Tone black exterior finish with Smooth Grey felt interior finish

    1" hardened steel plate infront of locking mechanism

    shear off handle

    spring loaded relocking system incase someone tries to punch out the lock

    Made In USA