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    My wife and I just bought a new house which is taking us from a rural location into a more urban location. In our current house I keep my gun safe in our bedroom because we have no room to put it anywhere else. I keep a couple of handguns in a smaller pistol safe right near the bed for quick access, however if I need to get to my AR it is only about 10 feet from me and about 10 seconds to get the safe open. Needless to say in the new house my gun safe is going in the basement so I will only have a couple of handguns in the bedroom and that is it. I am just wondering if anyone out there has or knows of a way to hide an AR in the bedroom out of the reach of kids in case I ever have a situation where I need my AR. The only thing I can think of is getting a small rifle case for the corner of the closet. Before I go out and by another safe I just wanted to see if anyone else has a better idea.
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    having been a kid at one point i can assure that short of a locked safe there is no place out of the sight or reach of a kid. if something has a key lock they will get your key at some point just out of curiosity. the best thing to do with children is to teach them gun safety. go take a beginer hunting course and safety course with them. just some ideas but they do not preclude keeping the firearms out of reach in a safe.

    there are biometric locks that can be placed on safes that will open to fingerprints or keypad locks that are quick to enter the number to get at the innards. just a few ideas.