Home Monitored Alarm Systems

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Renegade44, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Renegade44

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    My wife is on this kick to get one. I have an existing home. So it needs to be retrofitted. I have two adult dobermans that roaming the house during the day.
    So I need one that Is pet friendly. The garage is a MUST for being monitored.

    Experiences good /bad?
    Installation estimated fees?
    Monthly cost? (monitoring)

    I would like it linked to my cell phone too with video.
  2. PanBaccha

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    Home security alarm system ... I went with ADT ... about 125 dollars a month. Must say they don't kid around when they think there's an emergency. They're right on it.

  3. AntonE

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    I went with SafeMart. You can buy all the stuff online and install it yourself. The monitoring is with Alarm.com. I pay $480 per year all at once. I spent $2400 on the window and door sensors for 20 windows and doors, two cameras, motion detection, water sensor, temp sensor, a couple of wall outlets to control lights, and a thermostat.

    All battery powered, wireless.

    Pros: save money
    No wires or drilling
    Fine system
    No installer in your home
    Support was great
    Its awfully easy!!!!
    You can arm the system with or without motion detection, a must for dogs!

    Cons: you have to do it yourself
    And you gotta have patience
    Adding the remote cams to your WI FI is tricky
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  4. locutus

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    Whatever a good system costs, it's worth it.