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    All kudos to this girl, she really has some 'balls'!

    She glanced in mirror, then stranger attacked


    July 22, 2010

    It was like something out a horror film ... the 17-year-old girl glanced in the mirror in her lounge room and saw a stranger standing there.

    The terrified girl, who had been watching television at home in western Sydney about 1pm yesterday, told police the man grabbed her but she fought back, punching and kicking him.

    She broke free and ran to the back of her home into her bedroom where she frantically phoned a friend to get help.

    But, say police, the man found her and tried to drag her out before abandoning the attack and running out the back door.

    Now police are warning residents to lock their doors and remain vigilant after the attack in Bower Bird Street, Hinchinbrook.

    They believe the attack was a robbery that went wrong rather than a sexual assault.

    Green Valley police Superintendent Mark Szalajko told a briefing today that the girl, a TAFE student, had words with her attacker but would not reveal what was said.

    "It does appear that it was a robbery attempt ... but no, nothing was stolen," he said. "It's not unusual for offenders to fight [when they are disturbed]. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they flee."

    He would not reveal how the teen retaliated against the man or whether the offender was injured as a result.

    "As I said, I'm not going to go into what happened with the scuffle, but what I will say is that there was a struggle and she received minor scratches to her face," he said.

    "I think she has just been unlucky, or lucky because she stopped the house from being robbed."

    Superintendent Szalajko said the man entered the home through a side sliding window.

    He said the offender's only distinguishing feature was a large goatee beard.

    "But it does remind everyone they need to lock up their homes, even when they're around."

    The teen was "doing OK" this morning, Superintendent Szalajko said. "A bit traumatised, but she was very lucky."

    The attacker has been described as being of Caucasian appearance, 35 to 40 years old and about 180 centimetres tall with a slim build.

    He was wearing a khaki green shirt, black cargo pants and black joggers.

    Anyone with information is urged to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.'

    Sydney girl attacked in Hinchinbrook home

    Great stuff :) Think she'd do well honing those obviously innate instincts in something like krav maga. I hope she recovers from the ordeal OK.
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    Glad to hear she faught back and got out OK. I too hope she can recover from the event.

    Hey zhuk, how bad is crime on your little island? It seems you have these stories on a regular basis and I can't imagine they are the average outcome for criminal attacks.

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    Not the average outcome at all, no spitty. Usually people *are* harmed; not many fight back (or would know how to, unarmed). That's what makes this case so admirable and commendable.

    As far as crime stats goes, Aust is relatively peaceable overall - the numbers have remained a low static (or slight decline) for years now:


    Australian Institute of Criminology data

    Strangely enough, the "new 'n' improved uber-evil" Firearms Act of '96 had bugger-all effect on crime (the murder rate has been declining from the 80s, therefore predating the laws).

    Who woulda thought that huh? :rolleyes: