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    Have a mossberg 500 sp as one of my home defense weapons and I'm looking for a light/site/ laser in a low light, no light situation. Use 00 buck any suggestions at a low cost? Housing is very close to each other.i also have a cz75 loaded and at hand but in a low/no light situation I'd use my shotgun.
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    In reply to the comment about the low light/ no light situation:

    I have a good friend who teaches shooting classes and SDA classes here in OK. I was talking to him the other day about this situation in particular and his advice is to either have NO FLASHLIGHT on your firearm or to have a quick disconnect light. His reasoning behind this is because (God forbid) you actually ever have to defend your home, and you have a light, it takes away your legal defense in court that your life was in danger should the intruder be unarmed. In court they will say that with your light you should have been able to tell whether or not the intruder was in fact a lethal threat. For this reason, you need to be able to take your light off quickly and lie through your teeth, or just use a laser for quick target acquisition which should provide enough "light" to aim, but not to harm your chances of getting a "righteous kill." just food for thought. Good luck and be safe!
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    You need to find another instructor friend. Because that explanation is asinine.

    Many a person has been beaten to death when they were armed and their attacker was not. As can be seen through the Tuller drill The average person can close a distance of 21 feet before the average shooter can draw and fire. Yes the Tuller Drill does focus on a knife, but the logic stands.

    Second, any instructor that would advise that anyone lie during an investigation is a moron. He needs to have his certs revoked and black listed.

    There is a plethora of other reasons your friend is wrong, but I have to head out and take care of some things.
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    I (nor he) was saying you should lie and I'm certainly not saying that and unarmed person cannot present a lethal threat. But when it's dark and you mistake the computer monitor (or whatever he is stealing) under his arm for any weapon and proceed to fire, you have the legal defense that you thought your life was in danger. Now take that same situation and involve a flashlight. If you decide to fire your weapon, you have now crossed the line ( a grey one at that) that you were defending your property and not yourself. I personally have a tac light on my home defense weapon, but having it means that I will have to use constraint and common sense if I should discharge the weapon. Two things that are hard to come by when placed in a situation where deadly force is needed - especially by a civilian. Night lights placed around the home are a good replacement for a weapon mounted light... Not to mention a cheaper alternative. Everyone is different and have their own preferences. That's the beauty of having an open discussion forum... Sharing ideas and thoughts. Have a good one
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    Uh Huh.


    From OK Title 21 1290.1

    The person against whom the defensive force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered, a dwelling, residence, occupied vehicle, or a place of business, or if that person had removed or was attempting to remove another against the will of that person from the dwelling, residence, occupied vehicle, or place of business;
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    Ya know, sorry I even said anything. If I had known someone was going to be an *** about it, I guess I would have just left it alone. So go ahead people, do whatever you want. I suppose the opinions expressed here are just going to be subjected to ridicule and obviously taken way to literally. Happy hunting
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    While I agree that legal defense is great and all and that sometimes showing common sense in a high adrenaline situation is hard I still feel you should have a light on your weapon. Lord forbid you accidentally fire on (Idk if u have kids) your son or daughter when they're trying to sneak in after a late night or something like that. Basic gun rule number 1: be sure of your target and what's beyond it. If you do not feel you can fire safely with the angle you have move to another position or don't fire at all. And of course the best option is to call the police and wait in a separate room with your family safe and sound. Property can be replaced. Lives can't.
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    This what I use >>>>

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    IANAL, but haven't you guys heard of "attractive nuisance" ?

    Those BGs saw your nice home, and are entitled,

    by their "right to loot", if they can claim they had ancestors

    picking cotton in a field somewhere, over seven

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    this year.

    They have the right to kill you, because they didn't have

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    them right into the mantle of poverty, and drug addiction.

    Can you blame her, that she needed their subsistence money

    for drugs and her personal welfare dole scam? Nice cars aint

    cheap, after all...

    But back to the actual home defense. If you kill them, the sobbing

    mother, and two bawling sisters will show up. AND, don't you know,

    ANY DEAD BAD GUY just started turning his life around, that very morning?

    One of the sisters will have to identify the body, because as much as the mom

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    Are we getting new insight to "hope" and "change" yet?

    AFAIK, your easiest way out, in the event of a home invasion

    is IF YOU DIE, and cheat the liberal media of their circus.

    Of course, everyone involved will feel you got what was coming to you, in that event.

    How dare you, work your *** off, build up a nice life, and try to enjoy

    your belongings in the privacy of your own home, in the land of the free, and

    the home of the brave.

    ~~I'd like to teach the world to sing...~~
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