Home defense shotgun ammo

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  1. Theblakester

    Theblakester New Member

    Specifically, what do you use and why?
    brand, size, type, etc?
    slug, buckshot, bird shot, "less lethal rounds"?
    This round followed by that round?
    Do you have certain choices due to certain circumstances?
  2. onemanriot

    onemanriot New Member

    Hey Blakester,
    Just from a personal standpoint, I use 00Buck shot. The basement of my house has large egress windows which makes it the most logical point of unauthorized entry when combined with the landscaping and positioning of the front and side doors. Fortunately the basement is more of a family room and man cave so no one lives down there. This combined with its cinderblock walls practically eliminates worry involved with projectiles penetrating or missing the intended target and passing through to occupied rooms. With that in mind I keep my 870 loaded with 3 inch 00Buck (first three rounds out of the tube, meaning the last three to be loaded into the tube) because It is usually what I have on hand for hunting/defense when I’m a field. If its good enough to stop a cougar, its good enough to stop a man. My thinking/hope is that if the engagement doesn’t take place in the basement than I would be able to use my 1911 with hollow points (for obvious reasons regarding over penetration and collateral/property damage). I would prefer to use a long gun over a pistol but when it comes down to it I will use whatever is necessary (in the basement or not) to eliminate the threat. Keeping that in mind, the rest of my shells in the 870 and onboard in the saddle are 2 ¾ inch #4Buck. A little anemic for my taste but, I believe, a better alternative for use up-stairs (in my house). The first three rounds can be pump-purged out of the gun, time permitting, if I need to use it upstairs without the cinderblock walls. I think your best bet is to use what you are most comfortable with. If you live alone and rarely have guests, my belief is a heavier load may be what you need. If you have a family or frequent guests filling your other rooms, you may want something lighter to hopefully mitigate the risk of penetrating the walls and your loved ones. Bottom line, asses your living arrangements as well as skill with your firearm(s) and compare it to the characteristics of available ammunition. Find a harmony between the two and practice with it (probably not in the house though :)) and then sleep peacefully…..and lightly, knowing your better equipped now to handle the things that would do you harm. Wow, a little long winded but I hope that helps.

  3. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    Currently, my home defense shotty is loaded with Winchester PDX1. I've done some pretty extensive testing at different ranges because I had my doubts, and it prints very well on a consistent basis.

    I'm sure there is plenty of other choices, you just need to figure out what will work in your situation. Over penetration is a concern with any home defense firearm. The Box O' Truth will help.
  4. bizy

    bizy New Member

    12 Gauge Pump.

    I use a 12 ga pump loaded with 3" high brass #? shot that is .320 diameter. If you put 2 rounds on target, the target would no longer be a threat in the basement or any where else.
  5. Seven

    Seven New Member

    what do you use?
    Does the job on deer
    brand, size, type, etc?
    Remington Express 3" and 2¾"
    "less lethal rounds"?
    This round followed by that round?
    Sorta. 1 3" the rest 2¾". 1 more fits that way.
    Do you have certain choices due to certain circumstances?
  6. MGH

    MGH New Member

    I currently have Winchester PDX1 in my 870 as well.

    I think I might put some slugs in there every other shell in case I have to be accurate for some reason.
  7. armsmaster270

    armsmaster270 New Member

    All P.D. issue 2 3/4 00 buck
  8. OzarkRecluse

    OzarkRecluse New Member

    Alternating 00 and slug shells in mine.
  9. wmille01

    wmille01 New Member

    got a couple boxes of bean bag rounds from cheaper then dirt magazine a while back, mostly concerned with over penetration of shot. When I first got a box we went and tested on dry wall at about 10 yards it busted up the dry wall but really didn't destroy it. Tested it on me had to go to the hospital to make sure I didn't have a broken rib(s). Didn't breakem just really bruzed, after that I will not test less then lethal anything on myself did it with mace and a tazer not at the same time but beanbags is where I draw the line.
  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I think that is why most places call it "less lethal" rather than "less than lethal", because that stuff could still kill you if misused. :p
  11. Davo45

    Davo45 New Member

    Federal Tactical 00 Buck in my 12 gauge and 155 gn. Speer Gold Dot JHP's in the Glock 23 (with Streamlight TRL1 light attached) on the night stand (same brand and load as my employer issues).

    Both are proven rounds.
  12. rifleman1

    rifleman1 Active Member

    #7 bird shot it will kill at close range and doesnt penetrate walls as bad as buck shot..
  13. falseharmonix

    falseharmonix New Member

    Just my $0.02.

    I use 00-buck in my shotty. Never had to use it, pray I never will. In my apartment, engagements will take place under 7 yards, so I am not worried about missing.

    I would never, and I repeat NEVER, use less-lethal rounds. If I am encountering a threat I that I feel will kill or seriously eff me up, I am going to shoot to stop the threat. Not shoot to disable, scare, or piss-off the threat. When the police come and ask me why I shot him with some bean bags, and the perp sues me for injuries, what am I going to say? But if he is stopped and bleeds out before the police arrive, I can say "I felt afraid for my life, so I shot to stop the threat".
  14. Scratchammo

    Scratchammo New Member

    My bandolier(conversation piece) is loaded up with Winchester & Remington 2-3/4" 00 buck, looks like Christmas colors. We used those Winchesters in the Navy & they get the job done.
  15. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    1st 2 are #4 buck, next 5 are 00. Rem or Win 2 3/4". When RVing in bear country, it is loaded with slugs. Mine is equipped with iron sights, a light and a laser.
  16. Boyerracing343

    Boyerracing343 New Member Supporter

    3'' magnum 00 buck shot.
  17. Blaine

    Blaine New Member

    Hornady TAP 2 3/4" Buckshot
  18. fireguy

    fireguy Active Member

    The first two shells loaded are #4 birdshot on highbrass pheasant loads 2 3/4

    After that is 2 3/4'' Win Ranger low recoil 00 buckshot 2 rounds.

    Then the real fun begins with Centurion 2 3/4" multidefense rounds. That rounds has a 65 caliber ball surrounded by 6 #1 buckshot balls. I can hold a pattern at 40 yards that is less than 12" through cylinder bore 18.5" barrel.
    The rounds I have patterned have put the big ball right at the point of aim. I really like this stuff. I have 3 rounds loaded of this.

    I have a combination of 1 ounce slugs and multidefense in the side saddle. Zombies or intruders would feel the pain if it came down to it.
  19. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    Maybe this is a foolish question, but I have a Remmy 870 Express Magnum and it came with the long shot barrel and shorter smooth bored slug barrel... Can I fire buckshot or birdshot through the slug barrel without damaging the barrel or should I buy an extra barrel? I currently just have three 2 3/4" slugs on hand for putting a threat down... If that is insufficient, I have a Ruger SR9 with the two factory 17 round mags loaded with a variety of hollowpoints..
  20. fireguy

    fireguy Active Member

    You can shoot buckshot through a smoothbore barrel. It would be nice to know the barrel length and choke. It chould be stamped on the barrel. Was it a combination purchase with both barrels, or did you pick up the second? I think that Mossberg is now making aftermarket barrels for the 870 line.