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    Last week, our family dog passed. She was an integral part of the HD program. Always aware of a car in the driveway, person walking on the road, and of course, horses were certainly trouble in her eyes. A pound dog, a Border mix, well mannered and beloved by all that ever met her. She gave us 11 years of devoted service and she is very missed.

    So here we are lacking that initial warning. That system that lets you know, just by the tone of the growl and pace of the feet on the floor, the difference between a skunk investigating the trash cans or a car turning around in the driveway. It has become very apparent in her passing how important she was in the big picture.

    Life must go on...

    While we hesitate to rush into another dog, I do feel pressure to get another canine. Fate has played it's hand and led us to another dog. Right now she is just a pup, not even weened. She should be in our home sometime in late January. A friend of ours sent my wife a link to a Bernese Mountain dog breeder. They have a hybrid litter of pups born in late November. A Bernese crossed with a St. Bernard. Not many folks doing this cross, and the new dog should be big and bright, with enough flock guard instinct to train into a huge part of our HD plan.

    We'll never forget the years from our beloved Julie, but we are also looking forward to a new horizon with female puppy number six (we are working on a name).

    RIP Jules...
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    I am very sorry for your loss.

    She's at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you.

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    Sorry to hear about Julie's passing. I had to put my beagle down a couple of years ago when he was suffering from bladder cancer, it was rough. We got another dog within a few months as well. I was like you, relying on the nose and ears of my buddy to tell me if something was wrong. Our new dog is a beagle pug mix, a puggle. She has the same nose and hunger instincts as a beagle, but snorts when she gets her nose into something too much, it's a hoot. She has turned out to be a great early warning system, other than that she would run away faster than I would if someone charged in the door.
    Hope you and your family get feeling better soon.