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    Hey guys. Back again after a few week break. I have saved so much time and money and I need it again. For about a year I have been running standard buckshot (brown box military surplus and Winchester standard buckshot). Recently I started loading managed recoil (00 buck 8 pellets at 1200 FPS). Call me a sissy, damn thing kicks like a mule with brown box and standard loads. Is it a wise choice to sacrifice a pellet for less recoil (and yes managed recoil is amazing it really works). Or am I doing this totally wrong?

    Also; chokes. I am running a remchoke SKEET. I think someone told me a few months ago from the forums that this was the best choice since it was between other chokes. Thoughts on this?

    Firearm: Remington 870
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    To me if you can engage the targets quicker or have a faster fallow up shot on a target with these rounds then yea i would say its ok. Either way you cook it getting shot sucks getting shot with a shotgun is just hell.

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    Use what you are comfortable with. If a certain round kicks too much, it will affect accuracy and recovery time for your 2nd shot if needed. If low recoilw works well for you, go with it.

    As to the chokes question, no 2 guns are exactly the same and what works for me may or may not work for you. Check your patterns with every choke that came with the shotgun, and see what patterns best at in the home ranges. You may find that a larger choke works best with the ammo and shotgun you have, but a smaller one could work just as well. The only way to know what works best is to put in the range time.
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    IMO, i don't think for SD usage you would be sacrifiicing anything at the distances within the home with using reduced recoil ammo in your shotgun. 8 pellets at 1200 fps is still going to do extensive damage at close range. and if you gain quicker control from reduction in recoil for a follow-up shot if needed, then you are way ahead of the game.

    now the choke is just something you need to pattern it with that aammo and see what it looks like and then adjust accordingly. i would set up some cardboard targets and test at between 20-30 feet and see how it patterns, and where the POI is.
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    I don`t know how HUGE you alls houses are but at my house, I`m not going to be shooting at anyone more than 20 feet away, so I use 2&3/4" #4`s, at 15' it`s just going to blow a hole in em, won`t even be out of the darn wad at 15' !.............
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    You will definitely have the bad guy laughing at you when they get shot with only 8 pellets of DOUBLE AUGHT BUCKSHOT as where with 9 you would do the job correctly. ;)