Home defense gun good for the wife

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  1. marussi50

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    Im interested in hearing your thoughts on a good home defense weapon for the Mrs. I know I'm probably asking a lot but I'd like something with some stopping power yet have to keep in mind she's 110 lbs soaking wet so something that won't break her in the process.. Opinions?
  2. wknight40

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    Loaded question to say the least.

    If she has never shot before it is hard to beat a .410 or a 20 gauge. Both very low recoil. Self defense rounds are becoming more and more popular for these caliber shotguns.

    Here is link to some harder to find ammo for these.

  3. indy36

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    A .20 GA Mossberg 500 loaded with 8-shot.
  4. hardluk1

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    Hard to say what is a just right home defense gun . How tough your lady is mentally as much as physically will decide what she can shoot well.
    Mossberg has a number of bantam , super bantam models that have a short pull length and adjustable in a couple models and in 20 ga she can work her way up to buck shot or 2 bird

    For a handguns most 9mm mid or full size sure work fine. Might be more about the grip size and reach . M&P may work and a glock may not . Sig p320 can have a larger to small grip sized on it and the small is just that and will give her narrow grip and short reach with a very controllable pistol . The longer the barrel the more weight she has and the softer it will be to shoot . If you have friends with different 9mm handguns borrow a few , gun range have rentals ? Most will let you shoot what they have and help her work thru any problems . Ruger has a fine sp101 revolver in 32 fed mag and is a 6 shooter with a 4" barrel . Great cartridge for recoil sensitive people and has good energy and shoots several other milder 32 cartidges . Only problem $ 719 retail
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  5. hiwall

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    A very good choice that shoots 32 S&W short and longs, 32 H&R mags, 327 mags, and 32 auto.
    If you go with some kind of automatic then make sure she can easily 'rack the slide' which some women find difficult with many autos.
  6. Navigator

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    Hopefully this series of photos will come through.

    My choice is a 12 gauge double barrel hammer coach gun, that is my choice for home defense.

    It is so because it has two devastating rounds to go in a double that is on permanent "save" until the hammers are pulled back. With modern doubles the firing pins are always pulled back with the safety on. I just don't like this.

    Second is that there is no requirement to chamber a round, or a second round if needed. A hammer double is simple, effective and deadly. Just our choice.
  7. JTJ

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    My wife is under 120# and hates the 20 guage shotgun. If you go with the shotgun get the Bantum which is sized for smaller shooters and I would look at an auto. Her go to is a S&W 15-22. No recoil and the stock fits her. I keep it loaded with Minimag HP. She can handle an AR if she wanted to but prefers the 15-22. Better than nothing and she can hit with it. My choice is a 9mm carbine. Fast, light, soft recoil, easy to shoot and they pick up about 150 fps over the pistols. Much easier to hit with than a pistol.
  8. gilfo

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    Sounds crazy but if needed I would hand my wife my Keltec Sub 2000 in 9mm.
    It takes the Glock 17 mags. So she has a small lightweight rifle. Easy on recoil, easy to point and shoot. Pop a 33 rounder in there and rest easy.
  9. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Mine has a S&W 15 with crimson trace grips, backed up by an AR15 with optics.

    She understands "Put the dot on the target."
  10. SB777

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    38 S&W Bodyguard. Pull the trigger the revolver never fails.
  11. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Doesnt sound crazy to me but I would need 2 of them. 1 each. Mine uses Beretta mags.
  12. Chucktastic

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    I got my girlfriend a youth model Remington 870 in 20 gauge (~$300.) The shorter, youth stock makes it easy for her to handle, and she thinks the recoil is manageable. I threw a skeet choke in and got some No. 4 buckshot, since her apartment is relatively small I wanted her to get a decent spread in a short distance.
    She actually enjoys shooting it and enjoyed taking the time to become proficient with it. She's about 5'7" and 125lb, so she sounds a little bigger than your wife; I'd say before you go with a shotgun, have her try one out and see if she thinks it's right for her. A .410 wouldn't be a bad idea either if you think a shotgun is a good option for her.