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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by DOC_Hinman, Sep 16, 2009.

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    I just got my Remington 11-87 working again. Its going to be the weopan I use for home defence. I am just wondering what I should use with it. The local gun store has a few exotic loads I was looking at, but I ended up buying "Rhodesian Jungle" rounds- the front half is loaded with #8 birdshot, followed by six 00 Buck pellets.
    I know that in the trailer I live in, anything from a 12 gauge will ruin someones night, but I want to make SURE he doesn't end up trying to sue me.

    Also, I have seen a lot of accesories for 870's, will they fit on my 11-87?
    A third question: The only choke I have is a "modified", is there anything I shouldn't shoot out of it, and if so, what choke tube do I need to buy?
  2. rifleman1

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    i use standard #8's with these they may penetrate one wall but not likely a second wall.and they still have stopping power in close quarters like a house or trailer.

  3. UnderFire

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    I keep my home defense shotgun (870 Police) loaded with 00 Buck.
    As far as what choke to use, a modified choke is a great universal choke.
    In a home defense setting there's not enough area for spread. Probably even the wadding will have to be pulled out of the BG.
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    Both the Saiga 12 and the Mossberg 500a are loaded with #4 buck for the indoors and OO buck for the outside.
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    OK- couple of things-

    First run a google search for box of truth. Gents has done multiple range tests on penetration of building materials by different weapons.

    Shotgun? Buckshot. At a range of 2 ft, anything can be lethal, but birdshot just does not have a "per pellet" mass to penetrate deeply.

    Exotic loads? Well, my FIRST priority is to stop bad guy OR bad critter right there. Second priority is NOT to be sitting in court with a zealous prosecutor OR a zealous personal injury lawyer waving a shotgun that looks like something from a terminator movies, or pointing to a 4'x8' blowup for an ad for "Dragon's Breath" ammo, and claiming that injuries bad guy is sporting is due to my sophisticated sadistic planning to cause the most horrible injury possible.

    Mine looks like a deer gun- or bird gun. Ammo is the same used by local sheriff. If a lawyer is ever asking why I chose THAT ammo, answer will be "Because it is the same ammo those folks use" (pointing at the deputy standing duty as court bailiff).

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    There it is, simple and plain and I do not have to type a bunch to say exactly the same thing. Thanks C3. :)

  7. mr1911

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    Box o' truth is good stuff,.........
  8. AFPVet

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    Just go with a good short barrel and 00 or 000 buck. You just can't go wrong.